Windows 10 Creator's Update: An insight into the most promising operating system

Windows 10 Creator's Update has hit almost each and every system in the country and several features that have been added to the OS includes Paint 3D, new features for Edge and enhanced OS security.

    As promised Microsoft is working relentlessly to provide users with the latest Creator's update. The upgrade is coming in waves and the most compatible machines are the first one to receive them. It has already been more than three months when the update was first released and almost all the Windows 10 users have received it.

    Windows 10 Creator's Update: An insight into the most promising OS

    Creator's update has been developed with a keen focus on the requirements of creators and artists. At least, this is what Microsoft emphasizes upon through its advertisements and teasers.

    There is certainly more to it than meets the eye and today we will try to give you an in depth insight of the creator's update to help you use it better to your purpose.

    Windows 10 Creator's Update: An insight into the most promising OS

    Paint 3D

    First thing's first! Paint 3D has been long talked about and we finally get to see it in its full capabilities. There are certainly new features that raise the bar for any other app that has a similar use as Microsoft Paint does. One can use paint to create 3D objects which can further be edited. 3D objects provide an option to represent data in a creative and rather intuitive way. Several features of Paint 3D such as magic select, stickers, and free form 3D designs help creators in coming up with great art forms that can be integrated in a project.

    Kids will have a lot of options to doodle around helping them develop a sense of art on a software platform. 

    Windows Hello

     Windows 10 Creator's Update allows users to sign in conveniently either through facial recognition or through fingerprint recognition. However, facial recognition is supported by a few selective laptop models and is expected to come for other laptops in some time. The laptops that support Windows Hello are the best makes from their respective manufacturers. They are selective in number and if you do not have one of the supporting laptops you can purchase a fingerprint scanner to unlock your computer through Hello.

    Microsoft Edge

     Edge has been facing trouble due to a limited number of users and Microsoft wants to change it. The latest update imparts several features to edge which includes preview bar to have a look at what each tab of the window contains. Microsoft claims that Edge is now faster and safer from the competition including Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

    Windows 10 Creator's Update: An insight into the most promising OS

    Edge also allows users to store their browsing history, favorites, and other settings to Edge when they switch from another browser.

    Cortana gets smarter!

    There have been several instances where Cortana has failed to respond and certainly the most embarrassing one was at the Salesforce Conference last year. We can expect Cortana to be more precise after the update. There are also several codes embedded that will try to get the best out of Microsoft's virtual assistant.

    Windows 10 Creator's Update: An insight into the most promising OS

    Cortana is more music friendly now and allows users to change tracks or play a specific song selection.

    These are just a few of the most notable features Windows 10 has to offer after its latest update. We will keep you updated regarding every small and big spec that we discover regarding the operating system.


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