Now Seagate 60TB hard drives

Posted By: Rahul

Now Seagate 60TB hard drives
Hard drive manufacturing giant Seagate is all set to bring out computer hard-disks that offer up to 6OTB of storage. These hard-disks also double up as data storage devices. These hard-disks can also be used for both computers & notebooks alike.

Seagate is all set to work on a new technology called “Heat Assisted Magnetic Recording ( HAMR)”. This technology will enable large storage areas on computer hard drives. As of now, 1 TB data density has been achieved by various manufacturers, But Seagate is expected to do something different with the 60 TB hard-drives.

Currently, the maximum data storage area that is provided on 3.5 inch drives is 3TB. Drives that are present in notebook computers are of 2.5 inches. They have a storage area of 2 TB. Seagate aims to increase the data storage on both desktop as well as notebook hard-drives. This means that the new drives will have storage area which will be 55 percent more than the existing area.

Most of the hard-drives tend to disrupt the data storage due to their density. But if this is taken care of, then a large storage space can be accomplished easily.  Seagate has almost completed working on the 60TB hard-drives & is expected to launch these very soon into the market. These hard-disks when available will accelerate the demand for cloud computing. This will ensure benefits for both the computer as well as cloud computing sector.

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