Only 366 units of Aakash tablets have reached students

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Only 366 units of Aakash tablets have reached students

The cheapest tablet in the world, the Aakash has not fully catered to the student community in India. According to confirmed reports, only 366 units of the Aakash tablets have reached students in India so far. This after six months after the official launch of Aakash.

This news proves that the Tablet PC has failed to live up to the hype surrounding it. The Government of India has set aside nearly Rs 250 cores toward the development and distribution of Aakash. But why only 366 tablets?. The number should have crossed the crore mark considering the user-friendly nature of Aakash and its price.

The Indian H.R.D Minister Kapil Sibal, when contacted said that, the 366 tablets that has reached students are part of the 650 units that was accepted by I.I.T Rajasthan from Datawind. Datawind had supplied 6440 units to I.I.T Rajasthan out of which it accepted only 650 units.

Defects that were observed in the Aakash tablets are also attributed for it not reaching the intended audience. Due to this, the Government has lost a lot of money.

The Government needs to stop making lame excuses and make sure that the Aakash reaches the student community. This would benefit the student community of India immensely.


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