Presenting Wikipad, the world's first Gaming Laptop which can be viewed without 3D glasses

Posted By: Rahul

Presenting Wikipad, the world's first  Gaming Laptop which can be viewed without 3D glasses

It doesn’t have any relation to the famous Wikipedia. It’s the first ever tablet to have a glass free 3D display. To those who are all serious about gaming this matters a lot because its 3D and there is more to it to get excited about playing games in 3D format.

The 8 inch screen of the tablet is specially designed for life like display to get a detailed knowledge of the battle field or play ground. It can’t get any better with a 2D/3D compatible display that has a resolution of 1920 X 1080 pixels. Worrying about the device’s compatibility with the new age games is a waste of time for it’s an Android 4.0 Ice cream sandwich and what more can one possibly ask for?

Wikipad has an 8 GB of internal memory there is nothing much to worry about. But hold on if you just thought that was it because the device comes with a memory slot that can be shoved in with a microSD memory card of up to 64 GB!.

Take a look into the laptop and you will see:

  • A D-pad as in any gaming console
  • Two analogue sticks, a common sight too
  • Four buttons for adding that extra pleasure of gaming
  • HDMI out that can be used to get the game on a larger screen, maybe a television screen or even a computer monitor

The devices is expected to support even the yet to be released high graphics game like Quake Live or Phosphor Beta. But it’s already well equipped to bite on to latest additions like GTA III. The 3D displays are going to be make it one among the most accessed game console and is expected to give other brands like Sony Play Station console a tough competition.

It’s not yet known about the price of the device and that can be another important fact the manufacturers would most probably consider looking into more deeper. It can be the world’s first glass free 3D gaming console but it still have to earn some trust and respect before it goes head on with the behemoths in the industry. Considering the truth those brands like PS and Xbox are still the most accessed devices even after several others have made their debut.

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