Rcom To Bring Cheapest Netbook In India

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Rcom To Bring Cheapest Netbook In India
Reliance is one of India’s most trusted and well known business enterprises who have diversified in to different businesses in India and around the world. It ranges from their presence in the field of telecommunications, education as well as in the field of mobile applications by providing 3G facilities and also in the petroleum sector where they had contributed significantly in the uplift of the nation as a whole.

Reliance Communications that is headed by the Anil Ambani Group has the recognition of making their mark in the Indian market by the beginning of the year 2000 itself when they introduced mobile phones with internet connection at a price tag of just Rs 500 per month which was a major hit in the rural areas.

Now Reliance Communications has come up with an announcement that is creating waves around the industry circles. Reliance Communications has partnered with the Global chip maker Intel and the laptop manufacturer Asus in delivering the cheapest net books in India. Intel has always maintained a pioneer position in the field of technology and innovation by releasing the most advanced and latest version of processors in the market. Asus has also maintained its position in the markets around the world for its Laptops that comes with a cheaper and affordable price. The latest being the Asus Eee PCX101. These three giants are collaborating with each other to release one of the cheapest netbooks at a very affordable price tag of just Rs 9,999 which is considered to come as a breather for the people living in the rural areas.

This is a market that reliance is looking forward to establish its presence similar as what they did by releasing the mobile phones at Rs 500 in the early 2000’s. The netbooks will have internet connection that is provided by the Reliance broad band connection.
The Asus will be using its latest Asus Eee PCX101 which will be using the cheap and efficient MeeGo operating system which is considered to be a very user friendly operating system. The operating system is open source in nature. The Asus is going to make big leaps once this netbook is released in the Indian market which they will make India one of their strongest bases.

Intel in turn is also on the lookout for making a significant presence in the Indian market. Their path breaking cloud computing capabilities is sure to give the users residing in the rural areas a big boost as far as the technological advancement is concerned. The Reliance Communications as well as Intel and Asus had said that by releasing the cheapest netbooks in the market which are mainly meant for those who are residing in the rural places and cannot afford to buy a computer or a laptop and the intention of these companies like Reliance Communications is clear that is to tap the huge market potential existing in the rural places.

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