Samsung Chromebook

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Samsung Chromebook
Can a browser take over as an operating system? Samsung apparently thinks so. It has launched the slim and light Samsung Chromebook laptop powered by a Google Chrome browser OS in the UK.

Basically, Samsung Chromebook is a stripped-down laptop which needs to be online if it is be put to use in any way. The idea behind this is the understanding that serious laptop users are online almost every time, and so many of the features of an OS, say Windows or Mac, are hardly used. A smart web browser OS with the required extensions is all people who are just concerned about carrying on with their regular work, and have some fun, need.

So how does Samsung Chromebook actually feel to work on? The first impression is that if you're buying Chromebook, make sure you'll always be in range of Internet connectivity as all tasks require the browser OS as there just isn't an OS. If you need to create a new document or open one, you need connectivity. All your files are stored online and they are connected to your Google account for email and other purposes.

Samsung Chromebook connects to wireless networks, but also features 3G connection to mobile phone networks with a 3GB data allowance for 3 months. Beyond that you need a data plan from a mobile network. Being simple has its advantages, as Chromebook switches on and enters the login screen in hardly 10 seconds. As said before, for those who prefer a no-nonsense laptop for work and some entertainment this is it. When the login screen appears, you need to enter the details of your Google (Gmail) account to proceed further.

But you cannot install any programs in Samsung Chromebook. So if you need some tools for your work or entertainment, you have to go hunting for online applications. Google does offer many web applications such as the Google Docs office suite for your work needs. But the Google Docs suite is considered very limited, relative to Microsoft Office or Libre Office. Google Picasa offers photo editing functions as well as image storage and sharing.

There are other applications offered too for email and maps. There are no issues in watching HD video too. So it's got everything you need, but the only issue is that there are other tools which users may need or are used to, having worked with conventional operating systems. For these you need to keep looking for applications, which could become a bit tiresome. Google's online store has plenty of applications but Google is working to increase the list of applications so that they offer everything most users need. Paid as well as free apps can be downloaded along with the required extensions.

It only takes time to get used to this and then you may like it perhaps. You'll love the lightweight (1.5 kg) and slim (2cm thickness) design of Chromebook too. It also comes with an 8-hour battery. It will have a price in India tag of around 349 pounds which is around Rs. 26,906.

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