Sony brings to you it's Vaio F series Laptop

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Sony brings to you it's Vaio F series Laptop

Vaio F series of laptops where recently launched by the Japanese multinational corporation giants. The new lap top is launched with an aim of bringing desktop computers configurations and features to a portable laptop. The product is clearly intended for those people who are looking for top end features in a laptop and still expects the device to be compact and portable.

Sony Vaio F Series laptop features very modern and on the edge design as compared to other laptops from Sony. Since it is meant to be a replacement for desktop, the device is a bit bulky and has a very large screen. But being big does not mean that it is not portable. The device is very compact and is easy to carry around. The gadget has a slight tapering towards its front lid, it comes in a matt color finish. The design is different and beautiful but not the funky kind. The elegant design has a very professional look with a dash of cool look. Once you open the lid you will see all the common features that are present in any other laptop.

A full size keyboard, a touch pad and an array of keys that can be used to manipulate media as well as many other functions is in the device. The optical drive is placed in the right edge and has the power button beside it. Couple of USB ports and audio jack is also present in that side. The opposite side consists of some more USB ports, a HDMI port and also a VGA and Ethernet port. Sony Vaio F Series laptop has a dimension of 15.69 inch x 10.68 inch x 1.70 inches and it weighs in at around 7.85 pounds and that is about 3.5 kilograms.

The laptop features a very wide screen having an aspect ratio of 16:9 and it packs in a resolution of 1080p.The horizontal viewing angle of the laptop is extremely good. The vertical viewing angle is a bit low but the user won’t have any problem with the normal use .If it is kept on a desk of sufficient height and the user decides to put a movie and watch it as he walks around the room it can be a bit difficult. The screen is LED back lit and offers some pretty amazing deep true to life colors. The screen is apt for viewing high definition movies and games and you won’t miss a single detail in it. Thanks to the anti glare coating you can have the same type of viewing experience even if you use the device outside under sunlight. The speakers are integrated on the sides of the display. The speakers itself are pretty impressive and offers good quality sound output. The device is designed to offer simulated five channel sound output and moderate quality bass effect. The sound output is also very high with enough punch to flood the whole room with music.

Sony Vaio F Series laptop runs on Intel’s second generation i7-2760QM processor which has a clock speed of 2.2 GHz. The clock speed can be over clocked to about 3.1GHz.The system memory is about 4GB of DDR3 type and can be increased to about 8GB if needed. he standard hard disk that comes with the basic configuration is of 500 GB and rotates at a speed of 7200RPM.It can also be upgraded to a 750GB hard drive The graphic processor in the laptop is NVIDIA GeForce GT 520M GPU. If you want you can add a Blue-ray drive also to the configuration, obviously at an extra cost.

Sony Vaio F Series laptop has a price tag starting from close to Rs.50,000/-.

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