Sony Launches New Vaio Models For Holiday Season

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Sony Launches New Vaio Models For Holiday Season
They say competition is good for the industry, but the beneficiaries are undoubtedly the consumers. Laptops are no different with each successive model featuring a technological leap of some sort. Vaio has always been in the forefront and this fall is set to see great competition.

Apple's innovations have spurned the same from Sony. With Apple having released a slew of popular models for the fall including the Apple MacBook Air, Sony has introduced its new hi-tech range of Vaio laptops to ensure it capitalizes on this mega season for computer sales.

Sony Vaio S series, L series, F series, E series and C series range of laptops have all seen the introduction of new innovations, but the headline changes have been in the S series and F series.

For movie buffs who crave the clarity and impact of high-definition viewing, the Vaio SE with a 15.5-inch screen should more than satisfy. Sony Vaio SA with a 13.3-inch screen also features the high-definition experience. These are really attractive laptops with a thickness lesser than an inch. The real breakthrough here is the option of installing a sheet-style battery that neatly tucks under the laptop. Vaio S Series also use Radeon hybrid graphics from Advanced Micro Devices that are known for combining on a single chip both the graphics and the processor, facilitating better packaging. All these innovations come to you at a starting price in India of Rs.50, 000 for the Vaio SA and SE.

Sony Vaio F series and L series of laptops also feature attractive innovations such as pre-installed software and the latest range of Core processors from Intel. These series also see the introduction of a new edition called Sony Imagination Studio Multimedia Edition available for a price of $200. Versions of this edition are Sound Forge Audio Studio, Vegas Movie Studio HD Platinum and Acid Music Studio.

Sony Vaio C series and E series range of laptops are also packed with innovations such as Core i7 and i5 microprocessors. Along with the attractive pink and silver versions Sony also offers a black Vaio Y model.

Now is a great time to get a Sony Vaio as customers are offered a basic Music Unlimited plan for free from October 6, 2011. First-time subscribers are provided with a 180-day trial period too.

Sony hopes to cache in on the shopping frenzy that is witnessed every fall with this new high-tech arsenal of Vaio laptops featuring more advanced technology and attractive entertainment-oriented features. If you're hit with the sudden urge to get yourself a piece of space age technology, you can check them out online at the Sony stores which are available at attractive price in India.

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