Stylish Samsung RF411 Notebook

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 Stylish Samsung RF411 Notebook

Laptop manufactures are concentrating on making smaller and compact laptops. The problem is that some laptops feature a screen size of about 13 inches which is a bit small according to certain peoples taste and on the other hand there are bigger laptops of screen size 15 and 17 inches. There is not much laptop that has dimensions mid way in between the two.

Samsung RF411 is a compact yet sufficiently big laptop that suit people looking for a mid size device. The device has dimensions of 13.6 inch x 9.4 inch x 1.22-1.44 inch. The weight of the device is about 2.3 Kilograms. The laptop comes in a very stylish casing that has a small lustrous shine to it.

The top panel features Samsungs logo as well as some subtle graphics. The hinges that connect the screen and the keyboard are silvery grey in colour and the space around the keyboards has a matte silver finish to it. All the ports are scattered along the left and right sides of the lap .It is very thin and light that a place for it can be found very easily in your back pack.

The display in it is of 14 inches and it packs in a resolution of 1,366x769 pixels. It is of LED high definition type and packs in an aspect ratio of about 16:9.

The brightness of the screen is about 300nit.This is a very bright display compared to other displays. For input there is a full size keyboard as well as a touch pad. The touch pad features a scroll scope in its side.

Samsung RF411 runs in a second generation Intel core i7 processor 2630 QM. The processor works with a clock speed of 2 GHz. The Cache memory in the device is about 6 MB. This is a sufficiently large cache since most of the laptops packs in a cache memory of about 4 MB.

This will result in lesser program execution time and improved efficiency of the device. The main chipset is Intel HM 65. The system memory of the laptop is 4GB and is of DDR3 type. The S-ATA hard disk has a capacity of 500 GB and it revolves at around 7200RPM.

The laptop features a discrete graphics card too. The graphics card in it is NVIDIA GeForce GT 525 (Optimus). A 2 GB DDR3 type external graphic memory is also integrated in to the device.

There are a lot of connectivity ports in the sides. They include a set of 4 USB ports and in it 2 are of USB 2.0 type and the rest two are of USB 3.0 type. The memory card reader can read memory cards of SD, SDHC as well as SDXC and MMC types.

The Bluetooth version 3.0 in the device ensures very high speed data transfer to and from other Bluetooth enabled devices. Laptop also has Wi-Fi connectivity. The stereo speakers integrated into the device have a power of 1.5 Watts each. These speakers are able to provide the users with very High definition audio.

A 1.3 mega pixel webcam is placed at the top most portions and it helps to make video calls without the hassles of connecting an external webcam. The device has microphone noise suppression too resulting in very clear sound production in the other end. The price tag of Samsung RF411 in India is not available.

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