Switch to energy efficient computing this season through Asus Essentio CM 1740-04 energy saver desktops

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Switch to energy efficient computing this season through Asus Essentio CM 1740-04 energy saver desktops

No matter how much the lap top segment is booming and even though many people are using laptops as a replacement for their desktop there are many of them out there who still prefer a desktop to a laptop for their work.

Asus Essentio CM 1740-04 desktop is a very efficient desktop that is targeted at the entry level market. The device comes in a dual color design.

The front of the mid tower features a light metallic color and its back and side panels have a glossy black color scheme. The dual color scheme gives it a very professional and beautiful look.

The front panel has a couple of ports and a memory card reader scattered around the top position. The ports include two USB 2.0 ports and headphone and mic input. The position of these ports makes it very convenient for you to make online conference calls without much hassle. Below the ports there is an optical drive which is a DVD read and burn drive. The back panel feature a lot more connectivity options.

There are 6 more USB ports there in which 2 of them are of USB3.0 type and the rest 4 are of USB 2.0 type. Among them two ports is reserve for the keyboard and mouse that comes along with the package. The other ports include HDMI and VGA output ports, Ethernet jack, an audio in or out port and also a microphone input.

The inside of the casing consists of free space to add more two more hard disks and an optical drive. Also 4 SATA ports are left free to connect the devices, if added later, to the mother board.

Asus Essentio CM 1740-04 desktop is not Wi-Fi enabled but you can insert a network card in order to access net. The device has a power supply of 350 watts which is enough for the working of all the devices in the standard configuration. But if you are looking forward to bump up the system with more advanced and powerful GPU then you will have to increase the power supply to 500 W.

Asus Essentio CM 1740-04 desktop will ensure that the power consumption is lowered by 40 % with the incorporation of EPU chip. This is the first desktop with such advanced technology.

The desktop is powered by an AMD A8 3800APU which has the CPU and GPU on the same structure. The graphic processor in it is RADEON 6550D. The storage capacity of the device is about 1 TB. This much high storage space would mean that you wont have to upgrade the storage capacity any time soon.

The system memory or the random memory is 8GB. This is more than sufficient for a desktop. The high RAM and the powerful processing unit will let you do CPU intensive task like video editing and graphics designing without much fuss.

The desktop can also be used as a gaming central. If you want to play more extreme graphics games just swap the graphics card or add an additional one. But remember to swap the power supply too while you do that upgrade.

Asus Essentio CM 1740-04 desktop comes with one year warrant too. But BestBuy offers the users an extended warranty program of one more year. The extended warranty plan has two options from among which you can choose the one that will suite your needs. Asus Essentio CM 1740-04 desktop has a price tag of about Rs. 30,000/-.

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