Tips For Using Public Computers

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Tips For Using Public Computers
Public computers may be convenient, cheaper and sometimes free to use, but how safe are they in safeguarding your private information? One needs to know on how to protect private information while using computers in public places like libraries, Internet cafes, airports, and coffee shops. Take a look at these safety tips for using public computers. These computer safety tips will safeguard you from not becoming a victim of computer crime, or internet fraud -

1.Don't save your login information. Always log out of Web sites by clicking "log out" on the site. It's not enough to simply close the browser window or type in another address.

Many programs (such as social networking Web sites, Web mail, and instant messenger programs) include automatic log in features that will save your user name and password. Disable this option so that no one can log in as you. This can be a best computer safety tip.

2. Don't leave the computer unattended with sensitive information on the screen. If you have to leave the public computer, log out of all programs and close all windows that might display sensitive information.

3. Another important tip for using public computers is to remove all traces. Clear cookies, delete temporary Internet files and history. Disable the auto save function for passwords and login names before logging in. Remember to delete MS Sharepoint documents, if using a corporate site to view and use sensitive documents. Go to My Documents, and clear the Sharepoint folder.Erase all tracks.

4. When you use a public computer, the best computer safety tip can be on the look out for thieves who look over your shoulder or watch as you enter sensitive passwords to collect your information.

5. One major tip for using public computers can be changing user names and or passwords regularly. By doing so, you can ensure that even if you have been observed, or your information is recorded, the hacker cannot get further access to your information.

Using a public computer, be it in an internet cafe, library, school, or other public place, holds its own set of dangers, and puts your internet privacy, and computer privacy, at risk. These tips for using public computers will ensure you that your computer privacy remains intact. Even if you have to use public PCs, remember these tips for using public computers which is also your responsibility to protect yourself online and off. If you are tech savvy then try to choose reputable internet cafes and remember these tips for public PCs so that you do not feel sorry later.

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