Toshiba Announces Ultra Thin AT700 Tablet

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Toshiba Announces Ultra Thin AT700 Tablet
Toshiba has been in the technological industry from the time technology was made known to the people around the world. That is the reputation they have around the world. They have transformed themselves from the beginning itself in to a pioneer position in the field of consumer electronics. They are constantly on the lookout for technological advancements in the c segment as well as the smartphones segment. The latest product to be launched by Toshiba is the most advanced tablet named Toshiba ultra thin AT700. The tablet was launched in the Japanese city of Tokyo. Toshiba expects that this product has the capacity to impress the Japanese people and enabling them to move from the Apple’s ipad base towards Toshiba.

Toshiba ultra thin AT700 tablet comes with a lot of user friendly features as well as specifications. The weight of the tablet is very less at just 558 grams. The tablet also comes with a thickness of around 0.3 inches which is very thin too and is sure to attract huge customers. It comes with a 10.1 inch screen display with a resolution of 1280*800 pixel resolution. These advanced display features and the cute styling looks of the body panel with thinner and slimmer specifications makes it the world’s lightest and thinnest tablet present in the market. The body feature of the AT700 had already overtaken the apple’s ipad reputation of being the thinnest and lightest tablet.

Toshiba ultra thin AT700 tablet makes use of the most advanced Android 3.2 version which provides a better operating efficiency and performance. It provides a whopping 1 GB of the memory storage capacity. It is also equipped with 32 GB of internal memory. The ultra thin AT700 is also equipped with a 1.2 GHz dual-core processor. The tablet is also being supported by a high quality camera. The tablet has a 5 mega pixel rear camera and 2 MP camera at the front end too.

Toshiba ultra thin AT700 is all set to make its debut in Japan. It is expected to release in the Japanese market by the middle of the December month of this year. A worldwide launch is expected to be in early 2012. This tablet is expected to impress the new generation tablet consumer because of its light weight and thin and stylish design with an improved performance. It also comes with features like the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity. It also comes with GPS connectivity. Proximity sensor as well as accelerometer is also expected to be present in Toshiba AT700. It is expected to have a battery life of around 9 hours.

Price in India of Toshiba ultra thin AT700 is expected to be announced soon. As of now, the price in India had not been officially announced. It is expected to be more than the price in India of Toshiba AT200 tablet.

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