Toshiba Thrive upgraded with the Android 3.2

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Toshiba Thrive upgraded with the Android 3.2

Toshiba corporation which specializes in the manufacture of a diverse range of electrical products and communication equipments has their headquarters in Tokyo, Japan .They have introduced into the market a wide variety of mobile phones and tablets and where able to achieve a very respective sales figure.

Toshiba Thrive is one of the very popular tablets from Toshiba. The device which is very aggressively priced is a serious competitor to most of the tablets out there in the market. The tablet which offers some very interesting features including full HDMI and USB support .The file managing capabilities of the tablet also was very impressive and was quite a talk in the gadget world. The compact and moderate weighing tablet comes in a very beautiful and elegant design too.

The tablet used to run in the older android version and recently Toshiba has announced that the tablet would get the latest android 3.2 version also known as the android Honeycomb version, even though this version was already made available in the smaller 7.1 inch edition of Thrive. A lot of new features are incorporated into Thrive’s new OS update and the compatibility of all the features are tested by the elite team of developers working in Toshiba.

Toshiba Thrive was introduced in 2011 July. Some suggestions and problems where found by the first users of the device and the company had to overhaul the then present software version. The main problem that the users found was that the tablet goes into sleep mode unnecessarily and the only to wake up the device was to restart it. That led to the first update but there has been wide spread complains that after the installation of the update their Youtube and Android market widgets disappeared from the main screen. This was considered a very big disadvantage by the users since they could access Youtube and android store relatively very easily before.

The new update provides better application compatibility for the phone. Before, the slightly outdated OS version would not support some of the new applications. The company says that the users will get enhanced screen rotation acceleration too with this update. The new compatibility mode in the Toshiba Thrive can alter the appearance and feel of the applications that are designed for use with smaller screens. So no matter whether you install and run an application which is designed and produced especially for tablets or run an application that was originally made for an android based smart phone, you will get the same feel and it will also be very easy to use them.

The companies’ technical people have also mentioned that with the update the way in which memory card works will be changed. To view the storage amount the users will have to look under the mnt/SDcard2 option. The users will usually get a message that a new firmware update is available and they can do it. If that does not happen then user can go to the Toshiba service station option and check for updates. Once it is found out the memory cards have to be removed and USB cable has to be plugged in before doing the update .Toshiba asks the users also to keep their tablets off during the update.

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