Unknown facts about the Apple new iPad

Posted By: Rahul

Unknown facts about the Apple new iPad

The Apple new iPad is taking the world by storm. At this stage, we give you some unknown facts regarding its features, specifications and usage. Thus, after reading this, you will observe your new iPads providing a rich functionality.

You may call the third version of the Apple iPad as the iPad3, the iPad HD or as the new iPad, but the latest Apple iPad has taken the world by storm just by its features. It is also in the news for all the right reasons and also for its user-friendly nature and rich functionality.

Some features, specifications and innovations that are not present in the earlier version of Apple iPad are present in the new iPad. The three innovations that are exclusively present and confirmed by Apple in the new iPad are:

  • There is a 1GB RAM in the latest version of iPad as opposed to the 512MB RAM in the iPad 2.

  • In spite of the conflicts between Apple and Samsung, the Retina Display for the new iPad has been supplied by Samsung

  • The NVIDIA Tegra 3 chipset in the newest iPad is better than the A5X chipset present in its predecessor

  • Battery backup in the latest iPad is 70% better

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