Updates announced for the Asus Transformer Prime Tablet PC

Posted By: Rahul

Updates announced for the Asus Transformer Prime Tablet PC

News about the Android Ice cream sandwich update for Asus tablets have been making its rounds around the tech world for some time now. Finally there is an official announcement that Asus Transformer Prime will be getting the update very soon, From January 12 to be exact. This is hardly a week away and this should be very welcoming news for current Asus users and also for the prospective buyers. This will be one of the first high end tablets to get ICS update.

The company officials also said that they will be launching a tool soon that can unlock the Bootloader powered by the Tegra 3 processor. This will enable all the custom ROMs in the device. But the major draw back is that once you unlock the Bootloader your warranty will become void. This move won’t be well accepted by the developer community. But one other thing is that the warranty will become void if you install custom firmware in any smart phone. And this is the only reason behind scrutinizing with the Bootloader. So if you don’t have plans to install any other firmware, leave the Bootloader alone and enjoy the peace of having a warranty.

One notable problem with Asus Transformer prime is that it cannot get a proper lock on GPS signals. Even if you get a lock the device won’t be able to keep track of the signal for much time. Asus claims that this is because of the hardware design of the device. They are telling that the metal shell of the Asus Transformer Prime blocks out or hinders the GPS signals and hence the bad reception.

But there are many other metal GPS devices out there that are working flawlessly. There is no bug fix for this problem in the new update. So it is a big no for people who are planning to use this tablet as a car navigation system unless you plan to get lost any way.

But other than these minor faults the over all performance of the device is impressive. The combination of Ice cream sandwich operating system and Tegra 3 processor creates a lethal combination for other tablets in the market. Asus Transformer Prime’s price in India is not yet clear but can be expected to come with a price tag of around Rs.30,000 in India,since this is the normal price range for such a feature rich tablet.

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