Vizio enters computer segment with laptop and desktop models

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Vizio enters computer segment with laptop and desktop models

It’s a pretty obvious fact that laptop and computer market is full of competition. Numerous laptops, computers and even electronic device manufacturers compete with each other presenting variety of laptops and computers with unique features or technology which make them different from one another. Certain manufacturers make their products more attractive for buyers by reducing their price tags.

One such consumer electronics company, based in America, is Vizio which is very popular in America, due to the high affordability of their products. Vizio’s products come with price tags which are very competitive, attracting many customers in America which also built its great reputation. But Vizio hasn’t made a move on computer segment, until recently.

It was reported that Vizio is taking a shot at the computer market with feature-rich desktops and laptop computers. It has also been revealed that Vizio is planning to topple the market by bringing in products which will run in Windows operating system. Vizio’s new products range from Notebooks to All-in-One (AIO) models.

Low price tags for Vizio’s products don’t mean that they would lack style and looks. The Notebooks from Vizio are reported to be very stylish, not to mention their feature rich property.

Vizio’s first step in the computer segment is to release five products. Out of these five, two will be All-in-One PCs and the rest will be Notebooks. Two of the three notebooks are very stylish ultrabooks with significant difference in their displays. One ultrabook is reported to have a 15.6 inch display while the second ultrabook sports a 14 inch one.

The Notebook, other than the ultrabooks will have a standard 15.6 inch display as well. Apparently Vizio has taken care not to make the specifications of these Notebooks public and we will have to wait for a bit longer for them to release the specs.

Details aren’t known about the two All-in-Ones as well, except that they will have huge widescreen displays. The AIO desktop models from Vizio will sport 24 inch and 27 inch displays.

Vizio has been known for its critical success in the Television market because of the disruption it caused by releasing competitively priced Televisions. According to the reports, Vizio has the same plans for the Windows based computer market.

Five of the aforementioned computer products from Vizio will definitely have highly competitive price tags and it is obvious from Vizio’s reputation. It is not just the affordability which makes them unique. From the images of the products, which came out recently, it is quite clear that all five of them look fantastic, especially the AIOs which are quite compact as well. The hardware is neatly placed inside the stand base, and the external subwoofer and wireless remote adds to the style.

The products will be presented in the CES and is reported to be released by may this year.

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