New Vizio Tablet VTAB1008

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New Vizio Tablet VTAB1008
Vizio had always been a brand name in the field of manufacturing the consumer electronic products. Their vision always had been making available their product for the customers at a relatively lower price compared to other contenders in this segment. And the quality of the products is also relatively good. Experimentation is what the Vizio always rely up on and encourage from time to time.

But with the high voltage developments taking in the field of the smartphones and tablets, Vizio is slowly but steadily moving their applications and innovations and their manufacturing strategy to this market segment which is expected to have a 10 fold growth on a an yearly basis.

One such example is their launch of the new tablet which was titled Vizio VTAB1008 which since its launch as been a direct competitor for the android 3.x honeycomb. The tablet is considered to be very user friendly in nature. One of the main features of this Vizio VTAB1008 tablet is its display of just 8-inch. Wow! It's so nice to see the way Vizio has introduced so much advanced qualities n such a compact footprint. But frankly speaking, don't expect too much out of this Vizio VTAB1008 product in terms of performances.

Another notable feature is that this Vizio VTAB1008 tablet can be used as a remote control also. Of course you can also watch you tube in this tablet by making use of the adobe flash playback.

With such a cheap price it was astonished to see such a well reined android apps menu in this tablet. The touch buttons had also been neatly designed. The notification system had also been neatly presented.

One of the disadvantages is its bulk weight which was not expected and not in terms as far as the tablets is concerned. The weight exceeds 1 pound. The memory storage capacity of 4GB was also not up to the mark. Vizio had done very little in order to increase the storage capacity. The front facing camera is also not that good. Vizio had said officially that they are using 1GHz ARM CPU with a 512 MB memory. A wide range of services similar to other tablets had also been provided which includes you tube, gmail, face book, Google maps etc and of course the android market too.

The biggest advantage is its price in India. This Vizio VTAB1008 tablet comes with a very affordable price in India of 12,600 Indian rupees. This affordable price is sure to attract the middle class families in India which accounts for almost half of the total working population in India.

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