Wacom intuos5 tablet launches in India

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Wacom intuos5 tablet launches in India


Wacom has recently launched their latest tablet that is intended for creative professionals. The tablet is termed as Intuos5. This is a new and updated version of the Intuos4 tablet and features some very amazing and unique features.

This graphics tablet is a worthy aid for graphics professionals like graphics, photo and media designers. This tablet can help them to work efficiently on the graphics and media contents and gives them access to a wide variety of tools and files needed for the same. So they will be able to carry around their work anywhere they go by making use of this tablet.

Features and specifications of Wacom Intuos5 tablet:

  • Very slim profile

  • Ambidextrous design

  • Express View display

  • Digital pen technology

  • Customizable ExpressKeys

  • Optional wireless connectivity

The tablet features a very unique whole matte black look. The screen blends in very well with the bezel and gives it a good look. The keys that are placed in the sides also go along with the overall design of the tablet and do not stand apart from the smooth design flow in the tablet. The overall look is of a very modern and professional cutting edge device. The keys have a very soft feeling to it and are very easy to use. The tablet has a very thin profile and is sufficiently light weight.

The digital pen technology used is very efficient and results in fast and efficient input of data. The pen used for input can register 2048 levels of sensitivity to pressure and can recognize 60 degrees of pen tilt. Images and graphics can be drawn with the pen and you can erase them by using the other side of the pen. There are two buttons provided in the pen and they are customisable. There are customisable keys provided at the sides and also a touch ring. These keys can be customized to work as application shortcuts or to do specific functions. The tablet is compatible with Windows and Mac operating systems.

Altogether there are five models for Intuos5 tablet that vary in the screen size and input technology used. Intuos5 Touch Small comes with a price tag of around Rs. 17,200/- medium at around Rs. 25,100/- and large with a price tag of around Rs. 32,500/-. Pen only input models are also available and the small version of the same costs about Rs. 15,200/- and medium for about Rs. 21,500/-.

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