What are Chromebooks? How do they operate?

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What are Chromebooks? How do they operate?


Chromebooks is a mind blowing idea developed by Google to promote cloud computing and enhance accomplishing daily office works easily. In the current scenario where companies and individuals are looking forward to tap the opportunities available in the cloud computing the release of Chromebooks by Google is considered as a big achievement.

Chromebooks were officially launched in the mid of this year which was hosted by Samsung and Acer. The product ensures lot of facilities and makes the user more comfortable in performing various jobs. As per the opinion of experts, the offerings of Chromebooks are pretty good and promises easy work accomplishment but not as impressive as expected.

Let’s now deeply understand, what exactly is the Chromebooks and how is it useful for enterprises, students as well as executives and many others. Technically if we speak it is just a mobile device which runs on the Google Chrome operating system. As any other laptop or notebook it also has full-sized keyboards and all the other facilities incorporated, the only difference is the operating system which is known as Chrome OS. The OS is an open source OS for someone looking for the best result through the web site.

Well as far as the operation of the system is concerned, it is very simple and convenient. It takes only 8 seconds to boot up the system and also has other facilities especially for those who travel a lot. The gadget could work continuously for long hours. Moreover, the specialty is that you can avoid the use of software which you require for your daily activities because whatever you perform is directly through the internet.

You can compose a mail; you can also create a presentation as well as perform other such tasks without the respectable software installed in the system. The user is also benefited with application which works offline. For example, you can assign a work to an application in the internet which will perform the task assigned even if you are offline. You can also find the latest version of 3G enabled Chromebooks which will leverage your 3G experience. And the most exciting part is that the Chrome OS updates are directly done to the Chromebooks.

With Chromebooks you can get your works customized and managed properly with this piece of innovation which is ultimately a high end innovation. Emerging trend in the demand of cloud computing has set a platform for such gadgets which are exclusively built to enrich your cloud computing experience. The price of Chromebooks is still not announced officially.



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