Windows 8.1 Could Be in its Final Stages, Says Reports

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With Microsoft finally deciding to stop any and all support for the previously popular Windows XP platform, it seems like the probable date for the release of the upcoming Windows 8.1 could arrive soon. However, if new reports related to the same are to be believed, the Windows 8.1 platform may have already entered its final stages.

According to reports, the upcoming Windows 8.1 build - or the "spring" update - has already reached PC and tablet makers with Microsoft already moving the new build to the RTM (release-to-manufacture) stage.

Windows 8.1 Could Be in its Final Stages, Says Reports

Sources familiar with Microsoft's plans have revealed to The Verge that Microsoft has completed the development process of Windows 8.1 Update 1. Apparently, the software maker has already signed off on a final version of the update, a process known internally as Release to Manufacturing (RTM).

As revealed, the update has started reaching device makers to test and install their products, The Verge added. Now, Windows 8.1 users are due to receive the update in early April.

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It wasn't long ago when Microsoft confirmed the Windows 8.1 update at Mobile World Congress last week. And as far as details confirmed for the update are concerned, the update has been developed to reduce user reliance on the native Start screen, while improving certain options for good, old-fashioned PCs.

With the new update in place, users will be able to launch Metro apps from the desktop, easily minimize or close those apps, and shut down Windows via the mouse's right-click button.

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The Verge also states that "Early test builds also altered the default apps associated with audio files and photos, allowing desktop apps to open the files if boot-to-desktop is automatically enabled." However, it's not yet clear if the concerned change will indeed make its way into the final version of Windows 8.1 Update 1.

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