10 best smart clothing you probably didn't know

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    Smart clothing has slowly started becoming more and more mainstream. They first popped up in 2015 and they allow you to track your heart rate, monitor your emotional condition and make payments, you can do this without grabbing a phone or even tapping the screen of a smartwatch.

    The convenience of it and people becoming more and more drawn to the concept has made companies start getting in on the concept. But what are some of the best pieces of smart clothing that you can get your hands on? Some of the top tech garments that are around have been listed below:

    Nadi X yoga pants

    Nadi X yoga pants

    These pants allow you to practice yoga without the help of an instructor. Sydney-based startup Wearable X's Nadi X pants come in four sizes - XS, S, M, L - and four styles - Midnight, Midnight with black, Black/White with mesh and Navy/Gray with mesh.

    These pants have in-built vibrations that gently pulse at the hips, knees, and ankles to encourage you to move and/or hold positions.

    Polar Team Pro Shirt

    This shirt has heart rate capture points at the front and a pocket on the back for a GPS sensor, users can track motion and heart rate metrics in real time. The shirt is integrated with Polar's Team Pro system which means you can broadcast live training data, letting athletes and coaches monitor condition and fitness levels.

    Lumo Run

    These smart running shorts are packed with a sensor that tracks posture with help of a host of metrics that include cadence, ground contact time, pelvic rotation and stride length. The device supports real-time coaching, the feedback is sent to your headphones. The device allows you to improve running form and reduce the chances of injury.

    Google’s Project Jacquard

    Google’s Project Jacquard

    The product to be launched from Google's Project Jacquard platform is Levi's Commuter Trucker Jacket.

    The jacket has touch and gesture sensitive areas on the jacket sleeve that interact with services like music and map apps. You can dismiss phone calls with a swipe and double tap to get directions. This and a lot more is available for you if you pick this jacket.

    Super Powered Sports Bra

    Sabie Seymour's fashion tech startup, Supa, mixes up neon, a heart rate sensor and AI to create a smart bra. It syncs to the Supa.AI app via Bluetooth and is water resistant. It uses invisible biometric sensors and AI to keep track of not only workouts but also things like UV levels.

    Spinali Design smart bikini

    The Neviano UV Protect swimsuit collection is equipped with a removable medallion-style waterproof sensor which aims to keep you out of the sun.

    After you have entered your skin type in the companion iOS or Android smartphone app, your temperature will constantly be monitored throughout the day and warnings will be sent when it's time to apply more sunscreen or get into a shade.

    Owlet Smart Sock 2

    This sock uses the same pulse oximetry technology that is used in hospitals to monitor the little one's heart rate, making sure the baby's sleeping and breathing patterns haven't been interrupted. It comes in three sizes, charges through a base station and syncs to your iPhone or Android device to deliver data in real time.

    AIO smart sleeve

    This device uses electrocardiogram (ECG) technology to monitor heart activity. Apart from offering accurate heart data, it monitors sleep, workout intensity and is also available in two different models. Its module also has sensors onboard that monitors body temperature, air quality, and UV rays.

    Hexoskin Smart

    The Montreal-based smart clothing startup unveiled its latest connected shirt that is packed full of sensors that monitor heart rate, breathing and movement. It is also fitted with a Bluetooth smart sensor that allows you to pair your favorite fitness apps like MapMyRun, RunKeeper and Starva, and also a host of third-party accessories.

    OMsignal Bra

    The OMbra records distances run, breathing rates and heart rate, it also tells you when you've recovered enough to hit the gym. It also links up all the fitness platforms that you'd expect.

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