5 Technologies We Want to See in India in Full Swing in 2017

From Self-driving cars to drones to Virtual Reality, we would like to see these groundbreaking technologies making an impact in India in the year 2017

    The year 2016 gave us some important milestones in India in the field of technology. We saw the introduction of VoLTE, the affordable 4G internet, some really exciting startups making a huge impact in our lives, noticeable developments in mobile and PC space, and government of India's demonetization attempt, which in many ways proved to be the launch pad for several digital initiatives in the country.

    5 Technologies We Want to See in India in Full Swing in 2017

    What's going to be in store in 2017 cannot be predicted at this point in time; however, we want to see these five technologies in India in full swing this year.

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    While some countries have clearly established drone laws, many others don't. Talking specifically about India, it's illegal to fly a drone here since 2014. If you have seen one flying around, its owner must have prior permission from the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA). We would like to see a change in drone's laws in India in 2017. The technology has a huge potential and our country can also take some benefits from it like the United States of America, where the government has allowed businesses to legally operate drones under certain guidelines.

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    Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality

    Next on our list are two technologies that will change the way we interact with electronic gadgets and our surroundings. Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality holds the key for future innovations and we would see them everywhere, be it our homes, offices, manufacturing industries, smartphones, games, etc.

    We saw several startups in 2016 that are working to change the face of virtual reality in India, and we only want more of them to take the lead in 2017 to make the technology more accessible and affordable for the Indian audience.

    Self-Driving Cars

    It might be a bit early to discuss the prospects of self-driving cars in India, but we just cannot rule out the possibilities when other countries are making huge advancement in this space. As reported by the Hindu in an interview with Karl Iagnemma, co-founder of nuTonomy, a self-driving car maker firm, "despite road conditions being different in most Indian cities, there "definitely is" scope for self-driven cars finding their way onto Indian roads".

    We are not talking about full-fledged self-driving car ecosystem in 2017, but at least a serious discussion on its feasibility is much expected. As Mr. Iagnemma cites an example to the Hindu, self-driving cars may first debut on the road between an airport and a central business district in a city, however, "Overnight you will not see thousands of self-driving cars in New Delhi".



    It was in the year 2016, when India witnessed the arrival of its first ever robot called 'Brabo'. With a development cost of Rs. 10 crores, and a price-point of Rs. 3 lakhs to 6 lakhs, the robot is a Tata Motors innovation and has been developed in-house by a team of six engineers.

    We really want to see more of Brabos and its kind in the year 2017, which can change the manufacturing landscape in India. Besides, robots in the household and other fields will also make a huge impact on our lives that we want to see this year.

    Faster 4G Internet

    Last but not the least, we really want to witness the true force of the 4G internet service in India in the year 2017, because the Digital India vision can only be achieved with a fast and reliable mobile internet infrastructure.

    As per reports, the spectrum crunch, the hurdle in the path for a smooth mobile broadband connectivity in the country has been resolved and it is expected that the 4G services will see certain improvements, thus improving the mobile broadband infrastructure in the country.

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