9 hidden Google Chrome features you might not know

We bet you didn't know about these features!

By Nilakshi Pathak

    These days, a browser is much more than a window that enables you to surf the internet. It now functions as a multi-function box that is filled with magic. Which is the best browser is an on-going debate, but no one can ignore Google Chrome from the list. This popular browser is filled with many features and not many of the users them know. Here are the top nine hidden Google Chrome features that you might not know.

    Drag multiple tabs at once

    Most of the people know how to drag and drop tabs in Chrome browser. But what they don't know is that numerous tabs can be dragged and dropped consequently. Just press the Ctrl key and then choose the tabs that you want to move and then move them!

    You can open accidentally closed tabs

    Have you ever closed the browser mistakenly? After closing the browser, you must be wondering that you will have to reopen the tabs again manually. However, that is not true. You can just right-click on the ‘Open tab' and then click on ‘Reopen closed tab.' Chrome will not automatically open the closed tabs.

    Use key commands to browse through tabs

    You don't need to move your hands from the keyboard to shift to another tab. You can do it directly from the keyboard by clicking on the Control key and then pressing a number between 1 to 9. Each number represents different tab. The number 1 represents the leftmost tab, and then the number keeps on increasing towards the right.

    Open your favorite web page every time you open Chrome

    If you want to see a particular website right when you open your web browser, you can do it. Go to the ‘Settings' menu and then click on ‘On Startup' and click on the option that says ‘Open a specific page or set of pages.' You can now choose the website that you want to appear when you open your browser.

    Choose where you want to save the downloaded files

    The files downloaded from Chrome browser can be saved wherever you want. To choose your desired location go to ‘Settings' and then click on ‘Advanced Settings' and then scroll down and select ‘Downloads.' Now choose the location where you want to save the file.

    Zoom in and zoom out

    Press Control Plus together to zoom out the website page. And press Control Minus together to zoom in the page. To go to the default size setting, press Control and 0 together.

    Download your browsing history easily

    To quickly delete your browsing history, press Control-Shift-Delete together. This will open the ‘Clear Browsing Data' window and delete the entire history.

    Change the default look of Chrome

    You can change the default look of your Chrome browser. Go to the ‘Theme' section and install the theme that you want to set. You can also change the background of the browser!

    Enable cloud printing

    With the cloud printing feature of Chrome browser, you can take a print out of anything that you want to a connected printer. For doing this, go to ‘Settings' and then click on ‘Printing' and then click on ‘Manage Cloud Print' to add a device to your printer.

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    Wrap Up

    Wrap Up

    Now you know about these hidden features of Google Chrome, use them to enjoy the most of your browser. Let us know which of these features are new for you.

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