10 Apple Watch Features Which Android Is Lagging Behind In

    The Apple Watch does a lot of the same things Android-based watches can, such as delivering text messages and notifications and tracking your health.

    But there are several fundamental differences in how you actually interact with the Apple Watch compared to gadgets like the Moto 360, LG G Watch R, and other Android Wear watches.

    Here's a look at some of the biggest things that make the Apple Watch stand out from the competition.

    Apple Watch In Pictures

    Apple Watch

    The Apple Watch captures your heartbeat, it can be shared with other Apple Watch wearer instantly. A feature which is missing on Android smartwatches.


    In Android smartwatches you have to pinch zoom to magnify the screen, whereas the Apple Watch has a crown dial for scrolling and Zoom options.


    While Android smartwatches are still getting the hang of options available on smartphones, Apple watch already has it and owns it too. Now users can draw on the apple watch and send it to other Apple Watch wearers.


    This looks like fun, Apple Watch weares can send a small vibration to other Apple Watch wearer. It won't come as a notification but a user will feel a small vibration.


    Android might be an open source platform but it doesn't give its user full freedom to do anything they want. Neither does Apple but, on the Watch, user can actually add their bit of information in it. For eg, users can input their own weather information on the face of the watch instead of changing it.

    Apple Pay

    While Android still seem to figure out the way of getting a better pay system, Apple pay is the best way to get thing sorted in a blink of an eye. Just touch the watch and voila, the purchase is successful.

    Audio Message

    Again, Android smartwatches is lagging behind in this but we can see that Apple Watch features Audio snippets in its messaging field.

    Facy Box

    If you buy the Apple Watch Edition, then you will get the Apple Watch ina fancy box which will act like a charger to for the smartwatch. Awsome!!

    Home Screen

    This is an okay-ish feature for the Apple Watch as this feature is nothing new. We can see this feature in all devices of Apple. All apps will be placed on the home screen as Apple products do not have a menu option available on the start screen.


    You can perform different actions by pressing hard or softly on the touch screen (i.e. a hard press may launch a menu within the music app, etc.). Apple calls this Force Touch.


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