10 Apple Watch Pros And Cons Users Should Know About

Apple's much anticipated Smart Watch was finally announced. There's also a quirky surprise - Apple's have dropped the "I" choosing to instead call it the "Apple Watch".

Driving the Apple watch is a mixture of touch gestures and twirling/pushing the "digital crown," on its side. Like Android wear powered devices, the Apple Watch will also play nice with voice commands as they'll link back to Siri on an iPhone.

Under its hood the Apple Watch has an S1 processor, and makes use of the Wi Fi and GPS radios baked into an iPhone. Charging is also a biggie and Apple has opted for an inductive charger. This eliminates fragile contacts and adds to its ruggedness.

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Aside from keeping time, the Apple watch is also a health-monitoring device. This sees infrared LEDs and photo sensors on its underside checking your pulse.

Here are some Pros and Cons you would like to check out before you purchase one. Do take a peek and decided whether you would buy a Apple watch or Android Smartwatch.

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Apple Watch: Transition Between Watch and Phone


Users will be able to see what they have on their watch on their iPhone, with seamless transition between the two devices. You will be able to see the subject of the e-mail on your watch and fire up your iPhone or iPad and access the body of that email waiting for you.

Apple Watch: Three Different Watch Types


One of the most important distinctions between the Apple Watch and other smartwatches is that Apple will provide users with 3 different watches rather than just one. The watch will be available in 3 different models, a stainless steel silver or black with sapphire crystals known as an Apple Watch.The second is the Apple Watch Sport with aluminium cases in silver or grey. Finally there is an Apple Watch Edition made with 18-carat gold cases in yellow or rose.

Apple Watch: Different Sizes


Smartwatch users will not be bound to having just a one size fits all watch like the Galaxy Gear. Apple has thought about its consumers and their varying wrist sizes. The watch will be available in two sizes; small and large.

Apple Watch: Great Fitness App


With their new fitness app, users will be able to track all their movements on a daily basis. Over time the watch will gain a better understanding of the wearer and will suggest exercises routines to improve fitness and lead a healthier life.

Apple Watch: Different Watch Straps


Apple will also be releasing their new watch with 6 different straps, giving users the chance to stand out from the crowd and pick a design that suits them best. Straps will range from a classic stainless steel link bracelet, a fashionable sports band for people who are on the move and will complement well with gym wear, a leather loop band, two buckled bands and an intricately designed Milanese band.

Apple Watch: Long Wait


With the likes of Samsung and Sony having already released their watches and establishing themselves on the smartwatch market, there are many other options available for people looking for a smartwatch. Apple's watches will not be released until early 2015.

Apple Watch: Jumping on the Bandwagon?


With the release of the iPhone 6 Plus on September 19, 2014, Apple have decided to enter the phablet market along with their competitors. There is a feeling of Apple following suit with their smartwatches also. Could they just be jumping on the bandwagon of their competitors?

Apple Watch: High Cost


Like many Apple products, these watches will not come cheap; an Apple Watch will start from £216 (Rs. 14,723), while a Sony smartwatch is available from £122 (Rs. 8,316) direct from Sony, and a Galaxy gear costs £169 (Rs. 11,519) from Samsung.

Apple Watch: Dependent on iPhone


This is both positive and negative, the watch will need the iPhone by its side for it to be fully functional. It must be synchronised with a handset and can not be used independently of an iPhone, if you want to buy an Apple watch, you also need an iPhone.

Apple Watch: Small display


While the watch will give you the feel of having an iPhone on your wrist, the small screen may prove certain actions difficult. This includes reading text while on the browser, like messages or tweets. Perhaps some things may be best left on a handset rather than a watch.

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