Gear Guide: 10 Best Selling Headphones in India Right Now

By Ashwini Ambekar

    A good set of headphones can make most music sound better. Headphone technology has now come a long way and headphones are available in a variety of design options, including in ears, on ears, over ears, wireless headphones, etc. Circumaural or over the ear headphones are typically used for pro applications or at home. Supra-aural or on top of ear headphones are smaller and therefore have greater portability.

    Irrespective of their design and style, many of these headphones have features that allow users to customize and optimize their listening experience. Besides volume control features, other features offered by some headphones include noise cancellation, sound isolation feature and Bluetooth among others. Other features that need to be considered while purchasing headphones include plug sizes, connection quality and magnet type. Several other factors have to be taken into consideration while selecting headphones.


    Design, comfort, sound quality, frequency response are some of the aspects that have to be evaluated while purchasing a headphone set. Selecting a good headphone set is no easy task, since there are thousands of pairs available in the market. If you are clueless about the headphones that you should be buying, we have compiled a list of Bestselling Headphones in Indian market.

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    JBL Tempo High Quality On-Ear Headphones

    This lightweight and comfortable headphone set has a standard 3.5mm connector. The headphone set has excellent sound quality with great bass. The audio quality across different genres is excellent. The headphone has a fairly comfortable padding and the vocals have excellent clarity. The ergonomic design of the headphone makes it a great fit and it delivers good mid as well as high notes.

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    Skullcandy Headphones Hesh Black-Blue

    Skullcandy Hesh Headphones feature 50mm drivers and large cans that deliver rich sound. The headphones have leather touch soft ear pillows that offer great comfort. The headphones deliver exceptional bass without being too overpowering or without causing distortion of sound. The closed set design of the headphones successfully delivers deeper sound. The headphone set has a youthful and contemporary design and is an excellent budget purchase delivering exceptionally balanced sound.

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    Tekfusion Twinwoofers In Ear Headphones Black Chrome

    Tekfusion Twinwoofers are in ear headphones that are made from metal. These headphones are quite light weight and have silicon ear tips that provide complete comfort allowing consistent use of the headphones for long periods of time. The noise isolation feature of the earphones ensures that users can experience excellent sound quality. The headphone boasts of excellent highs and strong mids as well as great bass.

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    Philips SHE3590

    Phillips SHE3590 is light and exceptionally comfortable in ear headphones. These headphones have small stems that can be easily looped around the ears. These headphones deliver controlled yet resounding bass. These headphones are exceptionally durable and can withstand considerable wear and tear. Compared to some of the more expensive models available in the market, the Phillips SHE3590 is quite cheap and guarantees complete value for money.

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    Sony Headphones MDR-EX10LP

    The Sony Headphones MDR-EX10LP is an excellent budget headphone that has a convenient and comfortable design. These headphones deliver great treble and rich bass. The headphones have neodymium magnets that guarantee great sound, irrespective of the type of music being played. The headphones deliver great highs and lows are quite solid as well. The sounds of instruments can also be distinguished individually.

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    Philips Headphone SHS8100 98

    Excellent budget headphones with a rotatable earhook design that can be adjusted to get the perfect fit. Available in three cap sizes these ear buds can be a perfect fit ensuring that external sound is completed masked and users can enjoy the balanced sound delivered by the headphone set. The turbo bass feature ensures that users can enjoy deep as well as dynamic bass tones. The plug has a 24k gold plated finish guaranteeing secure connection. The anti-tug feature ensures that the headphones remain secure even during heavy activity and the long cable can be ideally used for outdoor use.

    Find the best price for Philips SHS8100 at Shoppingwish


    Sound Magic Ear Phone ES 18

    Sound Magic Ear Phone ES 18 is an excellent low prices ear phone set featuring 10mm Neodymium drivers. The earphone delivers strong bass and balanced sound thanks to the sound chamber tuning. The bass is quite punchy without being too overpowering and the mids as well as treble is also good. The earphones are also designed to fit comfortably.

    Buy Soundmagic ES18 online at


    Techcom 8 in 1 SSD-HPW-221 Wireless Headphone

    Techcom 8 1 SSD-HPW-221 Wireless headphone is an excellent budget headphone with full channel TV sound feature which allows users to watch TV without disturbing others. This headphone set can also be used to listen to music. The headphone set has FM radio feature and this allows users to listen to popular FM radio stations while on the move. The headphone set automatically locks onto channels. Chatting and listening to music on the smartphone is also exceptionally easy with this set. The device also has wireless monitoring feature, whereby the device can be placed near old people or babies and their sound is easily transmitted.

    Find the best price for Techcom 8 in 1 SSD-HPW-221 Wireless headphone at


    Sony Headphone MDR-ZX 300

    Sony MDR-ZX 300 is an excellent closed supra-aural headphone that delivers exceptional sound for its price. The headphone delivers stunning highs and rich, deep bass that is not muddy. The mid tones are also fairly well balanced. The headphone set has a sturdy design and can withstand wear and tear. It is also quite comfortable and guarantees great sound range.

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    Soul SL150 Hi-Definition On-Ear Headphones

    These headphones feature full size ear cups and are designed to be exceptionally comfortable. The headphone is designed to meet the needs of a music buff as well as professional DJ. The gold plated connector ensures that signal is easily transmitted. The circuitry design is developed to guarantee stunning bass, with great audio balance. It is compatible with many multimedia devices and most smartphones.

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    This blog was written by Ashwini Ambekar of Shoppingwish. Ashwini likes to write about gadgets, a cup of coffee and believes in living healthy. She also follows latest gadget trends in the Indian market.

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