10 Reasons As To Why Pebble Time Can Survive Against Apple Watch And Android Wear

Time is on Pebble's side with its Kickstarter pledges approaching $10 million in 24 hours, the same amount it raised for the entire duration of the original Pebble campaign.

Its success flies in the (watch) face of everyone who predicted the start-up company was doomed the minute Apple announced the then-rumored iWatch. Well, Pebble Time's 43,000 backers surely knew about the April-bound Apple Watch and still chose to fund the newer smartwatch. It even has another 29 days to go before it starts shipping to backers in May.

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Pebble Time Modern Design:


Its dialed back design doesn't match the Apple Watch, Android Wear watches or even its own Pebble Steel, but Time is stealthy surviving for seven reasons besides Kickstarter.

Pebble Time Long Lasting Battery:


With seven-day battery life, Pebble Time bests the average uptime of other smartwatches by a whole six days. We've only broken the 24-hour mark with Android Wear by being really conservative with use.The 7:1 battery life ratio between Pebble and Android Wear watches has been the reason I've kept the former on my wrist.

Pebble Time Exciting Features:


Sleep tracking is a fun and exciting tool, but don't expect to run those apps on watches that need recharging every night.

Pebble Time Compatibility:


Pebble Time is compatible with iOS 8 and Android phones, a simple fact that's made the original Pebble and Pebble Steel so easy to use. Switching between devices doesn't mean buying a whole new smartwatch. Pebble works with all sorts of smartphones, not just Samsung phones or Apple phones.

Pebble Time Water Proof:

Water Resistant

You can swim while wearing the Pebble Time. That's incredibly unique among even the best smartwatches that claim to be waterproof, but don't measure up.The Sony Smartwatch 3, for example, is the most durable among Android Wear watches with an IP68 rating. That means it can be taken 1.5m deep for 30 minutes, but not deeper or longer.While the official Pebble Time waterproof specs aren't known just yet, the first Pebble and Pebble Steel had a 5ATM rating, which makes it good for 50 meters (165 feet).

Pebble Time Voice Reply:


The good news is that voice replies work with major Android apps, including SMS, Hangouts, Gmail, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and hundreds more, according to the company.

Pebble Time Display:


Pebble Time skips out on the super-rich OLED displays popularly used LG and Samsung in favor of an always-on e-paper display, and this time it's in color. Yes, it's color palette is limited to 64 colors.

Pebble Time Comparison:


Compare Pebble's new Timeline software to the more sterile interfaces of Apple Watch and Android Wear. It's the bright and cheery iOS 7 and iOS 8 vs the dark and too-real iOS 6. There are a lot of fun-looking, colorful animations for making calls, composing messages and receiving new notifications. Everything's laid out logically with a bit of pep.

Pebbel Time Price:


Pebble Watch pre-orders on Kickstarter are open at $179 (approx Rs. 11,051). While the even cheaper early bird discounts have all been claimed, this is still a fraction of the price of other watches.

Pebbel Time Availability:


Pebbel Time will be availble at MWC 2015, next week. The availability date shall be announced and pre-orders shall start.

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