Ambi Climate Turns Your AC into Smart AC

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These days we're seeing a lot of growth in the connected home appliances market. Google-owned Nest Labs has been quite active in the space, while a couple of start-up companies would like to pump new innovation in the fast growing smart home appliances market.

Among them, a Hong-Kong-based Ambi Labs has just launched its new device on Kickstarter. Ambi Climate is an internet of things device that can that turn your AC into smart AC.

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Ambi Climate Turns Your AC into Smart AC

Basically, the new gadget let you sync your existing Air Conditioner with your smartphone (compatible with Android and iOS), so you can control and monitor the temperature of your home from anywhere in the world.

"Ambi Climate allows for automatic control of your air conditioner through its intelligent algorithms with "Ambi Mode". Using our smartphone companion app you can have Ambi Climate adjust your indoor temperature to either a cooler or warmer setting"

All you need to sync your AC to a companion mobile app. It also learns from your own preferences and daily routine, and automatically adjusts the temperature. Moreover, the makers claim that the new connected device can help you out in saving your energy bill by a third.

If you're interested in getting Ambi Climate, you can get the device and companion app with a $99 or Rs. 6,100 pledge on Kickstarter. 

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