Apple iWatch: 100 Member Team Working on Next Gen Device

By: Gizbot Bureau

A wrist watch from Apple iWatch that takes cues from iPad and iPhone will be the next smallest product to be introduced by Apple. The iPhone major is using the technology of bending glass to create the wrist watch. Tim Cook, the Chief Executive Officer of Apple Inc, according to Bloomberg reports, remarked to have appointed a team of 100 members who are product designers to give the watch the finishing touches.

Apple iWatch: 100 Member Team Working on Next Gen Device

iWatch is a wrist watch like device that is capable of performing some of the functions of iPhone and iPad. The team is into the developing of iWatch for almost a year, and the team comprises of a marketing group, managers, and hardware and software engineers. They are also people who played a big role in the making of iPad and iPhone.

A 100 member team wa involved in the making of iWatch. The huge size of the team is a clear indication of Apple's decision to move iWatch beyond the experimentation stage. A technology consultant and former employee of Apple, Bruce Tognazzini was found saying that iWatch is all set to fill the hole in the ecosystem of Apple.

iWatch is now getting ready for a revolutionary release under Tim Cook, the CEO who succeeds the late co-founder of Apple Inc. Steve Jobs. iTV was also rumored to be a potential product that could bring Apple to light once again. However, the news of iWatch popped out all of a sudden and caught everyone's attention. Apple is, all poised at the moment to take wearable computing device to a new phase.

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