Apple iWatch Slated to Come in The Latter Half of 2014: A Look At What It Might Look Like

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As of now, there is a massive race that is going on in the smart watch section among the manufacturers like Apple, Samsung and Sony. Moreover, the fact that Samsung and Sony are taking up interest in the watch section will definitely have an adverse impact on the Apple's iWatch which has recently been said to release on the second half of next year. Moreover, reports also say that Apple has been hiring a number of engineers to get the watch ready on time.

The update on the iWatch from Apple comes from the an analyst at CIMB Group, who says that Apple's iWatch will be released in the second half of next year. The analyst further also reveals the estimated price tag that would be attached to the gear. He reportedly said that the it would be available at the price range between $149-$229. Again, he also hints at the 63.4 million units of the iWatch to ship in 2014. The upcoming iWatch from Apple could possible replace the iPod as well.

On the competing front, Apple's iWatch will be surely be challenged by Samsung's Galaxy Gear Watch which is expected to launch next month in IFA, Berlin. While Sony's SmartWatch 2 is also in the race, there are rumors about a smartwatch from LG as well.

However, here below in the sliders, GizBot has compiled a few concept images of the upcoming iWatch from Apple which will be seen next year as said earlier. Have a look.

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iWatch Concept Pictures

Fancy a watch with a neat little projector that'll play a slide show of all the pictures on your phone? Certain iWatch concepts say that it might just happen. 

Super Slim

iWatch Concept Pictures

If you thought that half an inch was thin, think again. This concept image takes Apple's minimally styled design tradition to a new level

Big Screen, Multiple Colors

iWatch Concept Pictures

Of all the concepts that we've seen over the weeks, this one looks to be rather promising, owing to the fact that it has a big screen. More display real estate means more functionality potential. Something that Apple is defintely focusing on given the plethora of things that competing smart watches from Sony and Pebble are capabale of doing. 

Another Big Screen

iWatch Concept Pictures

Another big screen concept with a lot of room for diverse functionality and style.

Video Chat

iWatch Concept Pictures

Facetime over a watch? Yes please!

Feature Filled

iWatch Concept Pictures

Slide to unlock and your watch becomes something more thank to some iOS brilliance!

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