Apple iWatch Supporting iOS Integration To Debut Later This Year: 10 Possible Concept Pictures

By: Anuj Bhatia

Apple's iWatch is no more an open secret. The Cupertino-based tech giant is working hard to make sure that the device will be out in the market later this year. Sources close to Bloomberg expect that the Apple iWatch will debut later this year and would support full iOS apps. That's interesting.

The lead in-house designer at Apple - John Ive, is heading the wearable computer project. Under his supervision as many as 100 engineers are working in order to produce a better functional device than Pebble watch project. The company surely taking clues from Pebble watch along with Nike's witness watch. It is also being said that the company is expecting iWatch to be more profitable than T.V business.

Both devices are mysteriously been in the making for the past so many years. Apple badly needs a hit project after iconic iPad. Steve Jobs had already cracked so-called T.V code many years ago, but till now the prototype of their T.V project could not be seen anywhere.

Last week, Tim Cook said that they are working on some major products; hints at Apple iWatch and T.V project to be precise. Samsung, the Korean giant, is working on a wearable computer device dubbed as "Galaxy Watch": Again Samsung is trying to copy Apple.

In another report, Corning, Apple's lead supplier shunned recent reports of iWatch being announced later this year. The supplier still expects that Apple's dream watch "is at least three years away". There is lot of confusion going on with Apple's iWatch project.

Looks like, Apple is ready with the prototype, but suppliers are still not ready to supply adequate raw materials.

According to sources close to The Verge, Apple is working too hard to make sure that their upcoming watch device lasts longer. The current prototype isn't that flexible or matured for that matter.

Before venturing into iOS enriched iWatch, the company needs to make sure that device syncs perfectly with company's current portfolio. As of now, the current crop of wearable computers, are not polished.

Unlike Apple and Samsung, who are busy building wearable computer watch, Google, is getting into all new direction. The Google Glass is currently is in the hands of developers, and will be out later this year. Forget about owning an iWatch if the device would costs as par with a Rolex watch. In the meantime, have a look at possible concept designs of the upcoming future watch.

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