Apple Stepping Into The Future Of Technology With iPhone 6, iCar, iTV

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The future is here, innovation at its finest, has finally arrived. Apple is prepping to launch three of it's newest futuristic products, that could very well, redefine technology. There were previous rumors about Apple working on a transparent iPhone 6 with flexible display, Apple iTV and iCar. Well these rumors have been confirmed

Apple Stepping Into The Future Of Technology With iPhone 6, iCar, iTV

The products, which look like a segment of your imagination, now will become a reality.Google are jumping in leaps and bounds with technology and there is an intense battle for supremacy, between the search giant and the cupertino company. Apart from iPhone 5 and next-gen iPad, there really wasn't any news from Apple. Now it is clear, as to what they were doing all this time.

iPhone 6

This device could forever change the way smartphones will look like, from now. Looks like Apple wants to make opaque phones a thing of the past. iPhone 6 will feature a body, made of a transparent rubber like material. What about the screen? There isn't any, the flexible smartphone uses a revolutionary micro technology that interacts with the molecules of the rubber like substance to produce light. The design is simple, 90% of the device is flexible and the other 10% is the bottom panel, which conceals a 10 core 2.0 Ghz processor, SIM card slot, memory slot and of course the battery. The company plans to revel the device, this month in a grand opening event.

Apple iTV

iTV will make regular Tv obsolete. this futuristic device is a strap-on goggles, which brings to you an on-dimand supply of TV shows and movies. The device connects via Wi-Fi to bring the content. You can forget Imax theaters, because this device comes with the first ever surround 3D view, which means you get a 360 digree angle 3D view. Apple says it's like stepping into the movie, your self. The subscription based service offered for the device is said to be made nominal, unlike other Apple services.


The World is running out of resources and there is a desperate need for innovations, that can tap the core of renewable resources. Apple will be stepping into the auto industry with it's first ever smart vehicle, iCar. This peace of technology is something else. The car as rumored will run on electricity. iCar comes which kinet-celuloid batteries, which is said to generate strong currents of static electricity, by frictioning with air. Basically the car self sustains energy to run and will only require charging once, every year.

The car comes with smartdriver: Once the car is given a destination by the driver, it can drive on its own to the location via GPS. Smart sensors in the front and back enable the car to detect obstacles and drive around it.

The car also come with voice activated doors and hood.

If you are exited about the newly announced Apple products, Gizbot would like to wish you a very Happy April Fools Day.

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