Apple Watch Unveiled with Flexible Retina Display: 10 Interesting Features of This Next-Gen Wearable

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Apple's biggest announcements on its very special event highlighted the unveiling of the two new iPhone models. Yet nothing can take away the fact that the new Apple Watch was an equally engrossing launch.

It hasn't been long since Apple's Tim Cook pulled back the curtain on its iWatch at a live event on Tuesday. To be called as Apple Watch, the iOS 8 operated wearable watch will go neck to neck with Motorola's Moto 360 and Samsung's Galaxy Gear S.

Apple Watch Unveiled with Flexible Retina Display: 10 Top Features

Apple's revolutionary and intelligent watch is now real and will be available early next year at $349 or Rs. 20,940. Apple claims the watch is extremely customizable and perfectly apt for fitness junkies. The glass on the top uses tough sapphire glass, while the display is a flexible retina panel.

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But while Apple has said so much about the new smartwatch, what are its basic features that make the new smartwatch such a big deal in modern day standards. We take a look at its 10 most potential features.

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There's One for Everyone

Apple designed the new Apple Watch to reflect a wide range of stylistic preferences. And it even curated three distinctive collections to help you find the watch that's right for you. There's the original Watch, the Watch Sport and the Watch Edition for you to choose from. Just so you know, the Watch Edition offers 18-karat gold cases in yellow or rose with sapphire crystal.

Enhanced Beauty and Durability

Apple created the Apple Watch from custom alloys of stainless steel and aluminum (each in two finishes) as well as unique formulations of 18-karat yellow and rose gold. This was specifically done so that the new wearable doesn't only look great, but also stand up to the physical demands of daily wear.

Host of Bands to Choose From

Apple created a full range of Watch bands in a variety of materials. These arrive with beautifully engineered buckles and closures that provide the perfect finishing touch. And they seriously look great.

Accuracy Personified

In sync with the iPhone, Apple Watch continually checks against the definitive global time standard with the same precision found in GPS satellites. When daylight saving time begins, Apple Watch simply changes to the new time so that you don't have to take that pain manually.

Boatload of Watch Faces

Each Apple Watch comes with a range of watch faces you can change whenever you like. You can also add specialized functions (known as complications) to most faces. You can also choose stopwatches, stock quotes, weather updates, and more with your new Apple Watch.

Enhanced Synchronization

With the new Apple Watch, users won't just see and respond to messages, calls, and notifications easily and intuitively, but will actually feel them. With Apple Watch, all the notions of syncing and sharing become easy as ever, with a more genuine connection expected in the end.

Understanding Digital Crown

Rotating the Digital Crown allows you to zoom and scroll nimbly and precisely, without obstructing your view. You can also push it like a button to return to the Home screen, making it an integral part of the Apple Watch experience. The Digital Crown is Apple's way of keeping hold of its innovative side.

Power of Retina Display

A Retina display, as Apple claims, is the primary surface for every interaction with Apple Watch. This is because the incredibly high pixel density makes numbers and text easy to read at a glance, even while on the move. Also, images and graphics render with remarkable sharpness and contrast.

Always Connected

The Apple Watch is all about improved connectivity. Press the button next to the Digital Crown to access Friends, a place where you'll see thumbnails of those you like to stay in touch with most. Tap one to send a message, make a call, or even reach out is other different ways.

Always Connected... Uniquely

The Digital Touch features on Apple Watch offers new ways to connect with other Apple Watch wearers. There are different ways to to that with features such as Sketch, Walkie-Talkie, Tap, Heartbeat, and more.

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