Best Selling Multimedia Speakers in India

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    The right kind of multimedia speakers can enhance the listening experience, which makes games thrilling and movie nights more enjoyable. Irrespective of whether you are a music aficionado, a gaming enthusiast or a movie buff, you can get multimedia speakers that meet your specific needs. Most personal computers have default speakers. However, these do not have much power and most computer users prefer to purchase multimedia speaker system. Not only do these deliver full bodied sound, but they can also be used for amplifying the sound from other music devices like iPods, MP3 players or music phones. Sporting a contemporary, compact design these speakers come with convenient volume control options and excellent bass and treble effect.


    Many of these multimedia speakers feature special systems that minimize distortion, with some delivering surround sound. The multimedia speaker systems can be categorized in the number of channels used for transmitting audio signals, with speakers commonly sporting between two to eight channels. A 5.1 speaker system includes 5 regular channels and 1 sub-woofer, while a 2.1 system features 2 regular channels and 1 sub-woofer. Some of the factors that impact the purchase decisions of buyers include features on offer, quality, space constraints and budget. Here is a compilation of Bestselling multimedia speakers in India.

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    iBall 5.1 Home Theatre Speaker Booster USB

    One of the best 5.1 Booster Home Theatre Speaker systems in its budget, the iBall 5.1 is an excellent deal delivering crisp, clear sound even at high volume. The iBall 5.1 Home Theatre Speaker Booster USB also promises excellent bass. The high powered output as well as low distortion circuit guarantees perfect reproduction of sound with minimal distortion. The full wood speakers deliver natural sound, reducing internal reflections. A clear LED display and cordless remote control allows convenient operation. Volume control of individual channels is possible allowing users to adjust the channels for optimum sound quality

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    Ducasso Black Boy Speaker with MP3 Player, FM & Alarm clock

    Ducasso Black Boy Speaker is an incredibly compact speaker that can be an ideal purchase for individuals looking for a budget speaker with FM and one supporting MP3 as well as MP4 formats. The speaker can instantly change to MP3 mode on insertion of SD card up to 8 GB and can be conveniently teamed with laptop, cell phone, PSP, iPod and other music players through an audio cable. The speaker delivers excellent sound for its price and has a contemporary design and incredible LED display. It can be charged through a USB charging cable and can deliver up to 6 hours of performance.

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    Intex 4.1 FM Multimedia Speaker IT2650

    The Intex 4.1 Multimedia Speaker IT2650 offers great features for its price. The multimedia speaker system delivers fairly clear as well as consistent sounds and can be easily connected to a MP3 player or computer. The separate control options for volume as well as bass ensure that the levels can be adjusted according to the comfort and liking of the listener. The speakers are also magnetically shielded and come with remote control for easy functionality. The stylish design of the speaker system ensures that it can be easily arranged in the house. The high power output and low distortion circuit delivers absolute sound clarity.

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    Intex 5.1 Multimedia Speaker IT 4850 FM

    The Intex 5.1 Multimedia IT 4850 speaker is a high powered output delivering excellent surround sound experience. The 5.1 channel system of the speaker also comes with bass as well as treble effect and can be easily connected with different computers. The USB and MMC reader feature in the speaker system makes it extremely easy for users to play music directly from other devices. The exceptional bass makes it an ideal speaker system for music buffs.

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    iBall Dhwani 5.1 USB Multimedia speaker

    iBall Dhwani 5.1 USB speakers is a compact multimedia speaker system that can be easily accommodated in small areas or spaces. The speaker has 23 watts RMS and delivers clear sounds at high volume levels. The wooden cabinets contribute to reduced sound distortion. The speaker has built in FM and also comes with a USB port that allows users to instantly play music from the flash drive.

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    Sony 4.1 SA D-10 Multimedia speaker

    The Sony 4.1 SA D-10 Multimedia speaker has a powerful 70W output. The large wooden sub-woofer system has a thumping bass. The speaker delivers clear highs as well as lows. It is extremely convenient for users to plug and play songs from a variety of devices through USB connectivity feature. The innovative VACS technology ensures that there is minimal sound distortion. The speaker system also has remote controls that simplify operation.

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    Intex 5.1 Multimedia Speaker IT 4000

    The Intex 5.1 Multimedia IT4000 speaker boasts of total RMS output of 35 W and delivers excellent audio performance with deep bass through the bass ports. The contemporary design and cutting edge technology ensure that the speaker meets the entertainment requirements of urban consumers. The system can be easily connected to a portable CD or MP3 player or even a personal computer. The low distortion circuit feature ensures users can enjoy music with complete clarity and with minimal distortion.

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    iball Tarang 4.1 Speakers

    The iBall Tarang 4.1 Speakers pack quite a punch with 60W total RMS output. These magnetically shielded speakers have excellent bass and treble along with bass control. The wooden cabinet ensures that users can enjoy deep and clear sound. The speaker system can be connected to variety of devices including walkman, MP3 player, DVD player, etc.

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    Intex 2.0 Tower speakers IT 10800

    Intex 2.0 Tower speakers IT10800 are designed to deliver powerful sound with 42W RMS output. Portable, compact and contemporary in design, these speakers can be easily paired with a multitude of devices including gaming consoles, personal computer, DVD players, etc. Equipped with FM radio functionality users can enjoy radio through the speaker. Users can also connect USB audio device to the tower speakers for playing music. This speaker also has an SD slot which can be used for playing music.

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    Intex 5.1 Multimedia Speaker IT 4800

    The Intex 5.1 Multimedia Speaker IT 4800 is a system with an attractive design in wood grain veneer and matte finish. This budget multimedia speaker system delivers decent bass for its price. The multimedia system is magnetically shielded and is quite loud at higher volume levels. The multimedia speaker system also does not suffer from too much distortion and this makes it a wonderful purchase for its low price.

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    Altec Lansing Value computer speakers VS2621

    Altec Lansing Value Computer speakers VS2621 speaker system pumps out 28W RMS power sound. The VS2621 speaker system delivers balanced sound output that is peppered with punchy bass. The system is suited to play all types of music. The vocal and mid tones have excellent clarity and the system delivers clear sound even at high volume without too much distortion. On the whole this is an excellent computer speaker system for its price.

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    This blog was written by Ashwini Ambekar of Shoppingwish. Ashwini likes to write about gadgets, a cup of coffee and believes in living healthy. She also follows latest gadget trends in the Indian market.

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