Bose India Unveils SoundLink Mini Bluetooth Speaker, QuietComfort 20 And AE2W Bluetooth Headphone

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Bose has come up with three new fascinating products in India. The Indian launch of SoundLink Mini Bluetooth speaker, Quitecomfort 20 with "Aware Mode", and AE2W Bluetooth Headphone, held at New Delhi on June 5.

Bose India Unveils New Range of Audio Products

GizBot was there at the launch event. It was not just a launch event instead the makers ensured that audio junkies get the right environment to witness newly launch products. Earlier this week, Bose organized the launch of SoundLink Mini Bluetooth Speaker, and QuiteComfort 20 in the US. 

Bose Corporation, which was started by Dr. Amar Bose back in 1964, is a research oriented company. They are in the business of selling premium audio products and equipments. Just like Apple, whose computing devices sold on a premium price; Bose audio products cost way above the rest.

Bose India Unveils New Range of Audio Products

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Bose says both brands complement each other. GizBot also interacted with Ratish Pandey, Director, Bose India. In an interaction with him couple of questions was asked. While every company these days are coming up with NFC enabled headphones/speakers. Near Filed Communication or NFC, is a new way to exchange data.

Many of the hot selling smartphones such as Samsung Galaxy S4, HTC One, and Sony Xperia Z comes with NFC chip inside. Sony India recently launched its new range of wireless audio speakers with supported NFC technology. You just need to tap your device on the speakers with NFC enabled tablet or phone. When asked why Bose  is still making Bluetooth ducked audio products in the arena when NFC is getting mainstream. 

The company told GizBot that Bluetooth is  a universal phenomenon. Bose will think about incorporating NFC technology in their next generation of audio products. Another interesting question was why Bose is not joining hands with a leading hardware manufacture -Be a smartphone vendor or computing giant. This would give Bose, an opportunity to go in roads in like India. Recently, Micromax has joined hands with JBL to bundle one of their On-the-ear-Headphones with Canvas Music A88. HTC, a Taiwan based handset manufacturer has Beats Audio on board. Every handset sold by HTC comes with Beats Audio. Bose says that they don't want to get tied up with a particular brand.
Here are the three main audio products announced by Bose India. Have a look.

SoundLink Mini Bluetooth Speaker

With more and more users adopting for ‘Connected devices'; the demand for portable audio solutions have also increased. Bose now comes with a mini speaker based on Bluetooth technology, and it can even remember last six devices paired. It weighs just 680 grams. It's a re-vamped version of original SoundLink Mobile speaker.

Bose India Unveils New Range of Audio Products

The biggest highlight of the speakers is custom -designed Bose transducers. They move twice the air in comparison to ordinary transducers. GizBot tested the device for a brief period of time. Be it in a noisy environment or an empty room-the SoundLink Mini Bluetooth Speaker delivered it. This Bluetooth A2DP supported speaker comes with a charging cradle. The speaker can run up to 7 hours on a single charge. You can also take advantage of supplied accessories. It has been priced - Rs. 16,200 in the Indian market. Availability - August onwards at all Bose stores.

QuiteComfort 20 Acoustic Noise Cancellation Headphones

Yes, one has to admit that Bose tried to make these very headphones as awesome as possible. The QuiteComfort 20 packs two microphones inside: a microphone in each ear bud. They control the sound from inside and outside, to give crustal audio quality. The makers created a real environment of noisy streets into the room. It was an unbelievable experience, as you could not hear a damn thing.

Bose India Unveils New Range of Audio Products

It worked with a charm. Bose has come up with a new technology called StayHear +, basically an extra added flap has been added into the ear to improve upon noise cancellation. Lastly, a brilliant feature: "Aware Mode", gives you can option to heard background noise, while you are playing normal music. It is very useful, if you want to catch a flight at IGI airport, New Delhi. It is compatible with Android, BlackBerry, and Windows devices. There's another variant called QuiteComfort 20i, which is specially designed to work with select Apple devices. It is being priced at Rs. 22,388 in the India. Available release date - September 2013.

Bose AE2W Bluetooth Headphone

Another headphone from Bose is company's first stereo with Bluetooth wireless technology. It is especially made for iPad, iPhones and iPod. You can use this headphone with other Android devices as well because it supports Advanced Audio Distribution Profile (A2DP). When tested this Bluetooth headphone, it was quite comfortable.

Bose India Unveils New Range of Audio Products

There is a Bluetooth module (battery enabled) on the left earcup. It is powered by a battery, and has a unique UI. The headphone comes with standard wire connectivity as well. Bose says each earcup weighs equally. It will cost Rs. 19,031 in the Indian market starting June 10. Stay tuned to GizBot.

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