The Best Wearable Gadgets Launched AT CES 2014

Few months from now, no one would've imagined that wearable computing device would make a huge impact. From startups to established brands like Sony and Intel, everyone is craving to have their presence felt at the ongoing International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2014.

This is not the first time we are hearing about wearable computing devices. You might have heard your close pals saying that a smartwatch is a form of wearable devices. Yes, you heard it right. At the CES 2013 taking place in Las Vegas, the tech media industry witnessed launch of several wearable gadgets. Some of them which stole the spotlight were Panasonic's wearable 4K camera, Epson's Moverio BT-200 and more. GizBot handpicked the best wearable devices announced at the ongoing International CES 2014. Take a look!

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Pebble Steel

After the success of Kickstarter funded Pebble smartwatch, which went on sale last year, we will witness second gen intelligent watch from the same team. Meet Pebble Steel, the same e-paper watch compatible with iOS and Android. The new watch looks like regular steel watch. Instead of using rubberized straps, the steel comes with leather or steel wristbands. Pebble also introduced its own App store. Good going...Pebble.

Intel prototype smartwatch

Beyond smart earbuds and a smart headset, Intel also unveiled a working prototype model of smartwatch. Intel's smartwatch will be dependent on phone, just like any other available current gen intelligent watch. No update on its release date.

LG Lifeband Touch

LG's maiden entry into wearable market was initiated last year at the CES; however, the company never made the product available in the market. Now once again LG has decided to pursue its ambitions by announcing Lifeband Touch, a fitness tracking band with a tiny OLED touch screen display that actually displays your physical activity throughout the day. It can even interact with your Android and iOS powered phone.

Sony SmartBand

The Sony SmartBand is a tiny wrist band made to keep a tab on your fitness. Coupled along with a Lifelog app over Bluetooth LE, the wrist band is expected to last for weeks. The SmartBand will hit select markets in spring.

Epson Moverio BT-200

Epson's Moverio BT-200 seems to be a true competitor to Google Glass. Unlike Google Glass' single lens projection, the Moverio BT-200 will project images/content to both lenses.

CSR Bluetooth Jewelry

CSR launched a range of connected jewellery, powered by its latest Bluetooth Smart solution, to demonstrate the future of wearable technology. The pendant-style connected necklaces contain integrated electronics that enable the user to customise the colour and brightness emitted to suit their mood or to coordinate with a particular outfit.

The electronics integrated into the jewellery have been designed to support a range of functions and so they can also alert users to new notifications on their smartphones, an application that would be suited to a connected bracelet.

Like Pebble, CSR also knows that a customer won't use a wearable if it doesn't look good. Enter its yet-to-be-named line of Bluetooth enabled jewelry. The wearer can customize the necklace's color and brightness to their heart's content.

iOS users will get an extra benefit to the jewelry over their Android cohorts. CSR's microprocessor can also be linked to the Apple Notification Center Service on iOS 7. Any email or text sent to the iPhone will send a notification over to the necklace.

Intel's Smart Earbuds

At Intel's keynote, CEO Brian Krzanich showed off a pair of earbuds that provide biometric and fitness information. The product is aimed at fitness enthusiasts and is unique for being built into an accessory that many people already wear when they exercise -- stereo earbuds.

The Intel smart earbuds provide full stereo audio, and monitor heart rate and pulse, while the applications on the user's phone keep track of run distance and calories burned.

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