CES 2015 Roundup: A Complete List of Gadgets That Stole The Show in Las Vegas

If you're a tech lover sitting in India, we are sure that you wish to keep a tap on each and every innovation which is being unveiled at the world's largest tech consumer show which is taking place in Las Vegas right now. Yes, we are talking about the one and only Consumer Electronics Show (CES 2015) and now we're going to give an inside look to what exactly is happening at the trade show over there.

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From scouring ballroom filled with large number of reporters to the newly announced devices which are worth keeping eye on along with crowdfunding ideas and small little gadgets, here is what you will find everything that happened on Day 1 in Las Vegas. We bring you the best over here from Sony, Samsung, LG, MHL and more. Swirl through the sliders below and experience the devices, gadgets and innovations by the major players of the industry.

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LG announced a full range of OLED 4K TVs along a washing machine equipped with two drums.

LG also unveiled the G Flex 2 smartphone. The curved successor is the first smartphone to come powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 processor.



Samsung on the other hand didn't unveil any smartphone range, however announced SUHD TVs with 4K and with better colour and black reproduction. The South Korean company also announced the formation of the UHD alliance, a group of manufacturers and content creators who will decide on 4K standards.

Further, Samsung also confirmed their 2015 TVs will run on Samsung's very own operating system, Tizen, and will include PlayStation Now to allow viewers to stream video games without needing a console.



The Japanese tech giant Sony flaunted a super thin 4K TV, 4K Handycam and Actioncam, a new Walkman and a new standalone health tracking and fitness training music player - the Smart B-Trainer.

Sony also launched Play Station Vue - an internet based television service, with a package of "around 75 channels per market.


The Pro 2 is a smart HD projector with Wi-Fi capability, 200 lumens, auto-focus, anti-glare, touch screen controlled with video conferencing via Skype.


On the Monster booth we found a wireless, waterproof Bluetooth speaker that floats on water - Superstar Backfloat speaker, Soundstage which comes in three models including S1, S2 and S3. Further, they also include USB ports, stereo input, Bluetooth, and facility to stream directly from your device.


Panasonic announced their first native 4K Blue-ray player along with Panasonic Home Monitoring System KX-HN6002W, DIY remote home monitoring system featuring smart plug, window/door sensors, indoor/outdoor cameras and cordless handset.


Qualcomm in collaboration with LIFX claimed to deliver Wi-fi based smart lighting platform with AllJoyn - the Licensable technology to turn any lightbulb into a smart lightbulb.

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Sharp showcased Aquos Crystal - a frameless smartphone, heavy on specs.

They also unveiled the first spec'd 85" 8K LCD along with the world's largest 4K Ultra HD LCD commercial display. The innovative one was the free form LCD display, allowing displays of virtually any shape to be integrated into consumer products.

Child Angel

A wearable device for children that enables parents to track movements via Wi-fi and GPS, in an effort to avoid being lost in crowded public places.


At the Dish conference, the officials announced the launch of 4K Joey, the first 4K set top box that also allows side by side viewing in HD. Along with that they also came up with a Hopper Voice Remote which is a dual-mode touchpad with swipe and touch capabilities.

They also announced a Sling TV, which is a standalone streaming TV service offering the best of Live TV and online video.



At CES 2015, Epson announced its one of the most affordable projector - the Cinema 600, a compact digital projector that can scale up its display to 25 times larger than a 60-inch TV screen.


To compete with the likes of Samsung, Sony and Panasonic a Chinese tech manufacturer Hisense launched a laser short-throw projector - VIDAA Max 100" - Laser Cinema TV featuring a blue laser diode light source offering 25,000 hours of viewing with no degradation of brightness or color.


LifeQ has tapped into the human sensor by combining two technologies to give people the ability to optimize and improve the condition of the human body and live intelligently. These two technologies include continuous physiological monitoring and bio-mathematical modeling provide insights about personal and population-wide health - making it possible to significantly improve decision making for anyone's health and well-being.


This is a Digital Key that uses phone as vehicle key to remotely start/unlock car.

Mobilehelp and Honeywell

The company launched Mobile Vitals, a small wearable device that provides long-term vitals monitoring; Seymour, unified platform to pull health data and secure communication between health provider and patient.


Cruse 4U, automated driving technology that can automatically accelerate, decelerate and stay in lane according to traffic conditions

Other Technologies

So what we found at the CES grounds was also BME 680, world's first sensor measuring humidity, air pressure and gas; Dremel, the only UL certified 3D printer on the market; and Njon, an integrated Ebike with smartphone app and online portal.

Sony X900C Series 4K ultra HD TV

The camera range showcased was α7 II, 5-axis image stabilization and the world's first in a full-frame camera along with 4K Handycam with 20.6 megapixels.

Then there was X900C Series 4K ultra HD TV, world's thinnest (1.2 inches) LCD TV TCL - TV+, the H9700 which is a Quantum Dot TV and includes apps, gaming and voice control in the TV without any accessories.


LifeQ's technology

LifeQ's technology focuses on highlighting and improving six major verticals in one technological device for users to optimize their health and well-being including: fitness, nutrition, sleep and stress, medical, health and data mining. LifeQ is currently partnering with a wide range of brands to enable them to tap into the LifeQ model specific to their industry.

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