CES 2013: Pebble Smartwatch Release Date May Come Next Week

By: Gizbot Bureau

The Pebble smartwatch is one of the biggest Kickstarter success stories which has garnered thousands of likes and above all. However, like most of the Kickstarter projects, the release of the smartwatch has been delayed numerous times.

However, now this might prove to change in CES 2013. This can be said, as report have come in indicating that the Pebble team might announce the release date of the smartwatch on January 9.

Pebble's update number 27 in the Kickstarter page has been titled as ‘It's (almost) Time'. The update briefs everyone about the event that Pebble is going to be putting up at CES 2013. It also informs that Pebble will dish out some big news at the event, the live streaming of which can be viewed on www.getpebble.com at 9 am PST on January 9.

CES 2013: Pebble Smartwatch Release Date May Come Next Week

In another update that was released previously, the company informed that the smartwatch will not be hitting the markets in time for Christmas of 2012 as was initially planned. However, the company informed everyone that the release of the smartwatch can be expected early 2013.

Pebble is backed by 68,000 people who have donated more than $100 dollars to keep the project going. Even in spite of the delays, Pebble team has been constantly keeping its supporters in the loop, giving regular updates about their progress.

Pebble is an intuitive smartwatch which connects to smartphones through Bluetooth. The smartwatch will also feature e-ink display which allows power consumption as well as good visibility even if the user is under direct sunlight.

Rumors have it that Apple might be working with Intel for the release of smartwatch sometime next summer.

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