10 Gadgets From the Bygone Era of 90’s That are Hard to Forget!

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It's hard to forget gadgets from the 90's. The decade of the 90's was the time that technology began to grow - it began with simple technologies like TV, Radio and only later grew with mobile phones.

10 Gadgets From the Bygone Era of 90’s That are Hard to Forget!

In the heydays, technology literally meant gadgets that you could play with like a TV or Radio. Devices like the Computer and mobile phone came much later.

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There is something nostalgic about these gadgets when we like look back. We look at 10 gadgets that were part of the 90's and still remain prized possession for several people partly owing to the emotional value that is attached to it. Read on to know more.

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Sony Walkman was used by college goers and music aficionados. It was popular and used with cassettes.


The Brick Game handheld console is one famous device that used to keep the children occupied those days. Devices like Brick Game include games using the block grid as a crude, low-resolution dot matrix screen.

Such devices often have many variations of Tetris and sometimes even other kinds of games like racing or even space shooters


While the Walky Talky created quite a buzz, it was used by school children and for playing games.


The Cordless Phone were a craze much before the advent of mobile phones. They were also a substitute to the normal telephones back then.


Video Game consoles were popular at that time with school and college goers.


Pager were more popular with businessmen who could be contacted constantly.


While today's flat TV's look really cool, it hard to get over the hangover of CRT TV's . CRT TV's were cool and fun to sit around with.


Telephone came much before the Mobile phone. Telephone required a wired connection which came either from BSNL or MTNL.It was a completely government-owned telephone network.


Discman was more popular with elites of the time. In the 90's a Disc would cost even a whopping Rs. 500, unlike today where a movie DVD is available for a meager Rs. 50.


Cassette Player is not longer there, even the cassette is gone now. But most music lovers would remember the cassette player as an interesting device they could not do without.

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