10 innovative tech gadgets you probably didn't know

    Here are few upcoming products that will leave you in awe

    By GizBot Bureau

    The latest cutting-edge gadgets that debut every year doesn’t take long in order to become obsolete. The ever-shifting consciousness and the ever-expanding market accelerates the rate at which technology is kept on its toes. Products which incorporate the latest innovations in technology to achieve results which give you exactly what you need or are just plain fun are everywhere nowadays.

    10 innovative tech gadgets you probably didn't know


    It is quite easy to get saturated with it and no longer feel that excited about it after a while. But sometimes, there are things that come along that check all the right boxes and are so cool you can only believe it when you see it. Keeping that in mind, let’s take a look at ten of the newest tech gadgets available on the market today:

    Parrot pot

    If you are someone who quite often find themselves responsible for the untimely death of innocent, naïve plants and can no longer live with the toll it takes on your soul, this is exactly what you are looking for.

    This tool has an automatic irrigation system that recognizes what's growing inside the pot and keep the plant watered for up to 30 days.

    Cortex Cast

    If you've ever broken a bone before, you know what the pain is like, and if you haven't, you should try to keep it that way. In addition to the pain, the misery of having to carry your arm around in a cast is a bigger pain. The Cortex cast is a 3D printed cast designed just for your hand and incorporates holes in the design that keeps your arm circulated with air prevents a weird smell from hitting you.

    Buhel glasses

    Smart wearables are being constantly updated and it was only a matter of time before sunglasses equipped with smart tech saw the sunlight. In addition to protecting you from the sun, it also allows you to listen to your music and chat with your friends.

    Dog mind reader

    An EEG reader that is strapped to your dog's head can recognize thoughts such as "That's splendid", "Leave me alone" etc.

    Flexible display screens

    A smartphone made of graphene being developed by a Chinese start-up which can be strapped around your wrist, unstrapped and laid out flat on the table. Though the first device will only have a black and white screen and will be available this year.

    LG signature fridge

    All you have to do is tap on the door and you get a view of all the contents that are present inside your fridge. You do not need to open the fridge at all.

    Robot helper

    This robot will be able to carry all your shopping bags by following you around by tracking a transmitter that is fitted on your body. It is capable of carrying over 50 pounds at a time and move at a pace of four miles per hour.

    Foldable phones

    Newer phones have better screen sizes while older ones were easier to carry around. Samsung aims to bring the best of both worlds together by developing a foldable phone.


    Aero-X is a hovercraft. Yes, hovercraft. It is equipped with wheels that allow it to run on the ground but it also has the ability to fly up to ten feet and 45 miles per hour.

    Smart contact lenses

    Brands like Samsung, Sony and Google are all working on bringing such devices into existence which will display product images directly into your eye and capture images by just blinking your eye.

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