20 Strange, But Awesome Gadgets Coming in 2016!

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The future is now! On the second day of CES 2016, we have seen another set of weird gadgets that got released in the market. With this in mind, here's a list of top 20 strange, but awesome gadgets that got announced during the CES event.

Even though mostly still in the very early stages, they're at something of a middle ground. Meanwhile, one cannot see these devices readily available, at least we got to know about the technology behind it, which will become actual products we can see, touch in future.

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Melomind headset

Gadget #1

Life can be too stressful at times! The only way to relax yourself is to listen to put on some headsets and listen to some songs. In the same line, one such gadget is the Melomind headset. It uses neuro-feedback to calm you down. When put on that headset, it uses an EEG to examine your brain at that point and plays soothing audio through the headphones.

Bragi Dash headset

Gadget #2

This headsets are the first wireless smart in-ear headphones capable of providing access to 1,000 songs from its internal memory. It also includes body sensor for performance tracking along with secure fit.

Withing Go activity tracker

Gadget #3

This Withing Go activity tracker is a clip like wearable that comes with E-Ink display, which keeps you informed about your progress.

Intel Curie Chip

Gadget #4

This chip from Intel will transmit the real-time data about athlete performance, including jump height, air rotation, the force they hit the ground with and others. These stats will be pushed to the TV studio for commentators.

Radar Pace

Gadget #5

This Radar Pace is a smart eyewear, which will monitor your performance while running. Also, it acts as virtual coach offering voice coaching in real time to help the user in improving the technique.

Yuneec Typhoon H drone

Gadget #6

This hexacopter drone comes with collision avoidance based on Intel's RealSense technology. This drone comes equipped with 360-degree gimbal camera capable of taking 4K videos and 12MP stills.

Fisher-Price's caterpillar bot

Gadget #7

This caterpillar bot is mainly designed for the preschoolers. This robot comes with motorized head with eight compartments, which comes with code to go straight, left or right and stop playing songs.

DAQRI smart hat

Gadget #8

Following the Curie chip, Intel has placed its another chip on hat. Dubbed as DAQRI smart hard-hat, this gadget comes with built-in camera and an AR display to solve the solution for the problem

Ring Stick up cam

Gadget #9

This outdoor security camera will be used in monitoring their homes. This device comes with night vision camera and infra-red motion sensor, notifying in your smartphone when there is any movements. Moreover, it also has microphone and speaker to which you can listen to sounds of your surroundings.

PowerBot Robot vacuum

Gadget #10

The bot uses its built-in camera to build a map of your home, which you can see on the app on your smartphones. This app will keep up the user up to date on the cleaning process and also reports you if there is issues.

Polaroid Snap+ sticker printer camera

Gadget #11

This camera prints photo stickers out on ZINK paper using its built-in ZINK printer. This camera has 13MP sensor inside and can also record full HD video.

Vuze VR camera

Gadget #12

This device is equipped with Full HD camera on square housing with rounded corners. Using adaptive blending, this device gives 360-degree photos and videos that can be used in any VR headset.

Glass free 3D TV

Gadget #13

The company has unveiled its 65-inch UHD TV, and the best part about this TV is, user doesn't need to wear glasses while watching 3D movies.

PX 2 self driving car

Gadget #14

Nvidia has announced an updated version of self-driving car with Artificial Intelligence. This PX 2 will powerful as 150 Macbook pros, features next-gen Tegra processor, Pascal-based GPU.

Smart Bluetooth Umbrella

Gadget #15

This umbrella comes with a Bluetooth chip just to notify that you are leaving the umbrella behind. The umbrella contains BLE beacon chip with the handle linked to the smartphone app. If you stay far from umbrella, the user will get the notifications.

Fridge Cam

Gadget #16

This camera device let's you to check on the food in your refrigerator when you're not home. You can mount the device easily inside your fridge using suction mount.

Casio outdoor smartwatch

Gadget #17

Dubbed as WSD-F10, this Android-powered smartwatch comes with water-resistant up to 164 feet, pressure sensor, compass and accelerometer, ViewRanger GPS app, MyRadar weather app and many more.

Kodak Super 8 camera

Gadget #18

Kodak has announced about manufacturing the Super 8 camera in ongoing CES 2016 designed by Yves Behar that utilizes the venerable analog medium.

OhMiBod's Lovelife krush

Gadget #19

The so-called Lovelife Krush is a activity tracker for kegel exercise which improves women sexual health and strengthen their pelvic muscles. It is connected to the smartphone app via Bluetooth.

Helix cuff bluetooth

Gadget #20

This Helix Cuff is equipped with the most advanced sound technology you'll ever find on Bluetooth. It has Smart Multipoint Connectivity, AptX technology, cVc noise reduction, and Bluetooth 4.1 which gives the user an amazing experience.

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