5 Most Mind-Blowing Futuristic Tech Of 2015

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The future isn't far away. In fact, it's just around the corner. In terms of technology and technological advancements, future is always one step closer. And we are in an age where time flies faster with a host of new devices coming every day almost.

We are witnessing an era of change, a whole new universe with cool, smart and funky tech gadgets has been portrayed to us. The next generation will witness the world of flying cars and much more. But, right now what we are seeing is not a miracle but the power of technology and the wonders it can create.

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Many of us might pinpoint the disadvantages of technology over the advantages but, the creators of such smart gadgets have looked into this matter seriously. With their beautiful mind such wonderful gadgets have been produced in a manner to take care of all our hazel without any damage and maximum protection.

Here is the top 10 mind boggling gadgets which will keep you stunned throughout our journey. Do take a look and enjoy

Real Life Hoverboards

The Lexus Slide, from the car maker, is a real life hoverboard. Lexus used a superconductors to get a different kind of magnetic field to hover. It uses liquid nitrogen inside to keep the superconductors at -321 degrees, which helps to slide and emit smoke-like vapor.

Wireless Power Transfer

Students at the University of Washington-Seattle worked with Sensor Systems Lab to create Power Wi-Fi, a system by which modified routers output a constant energy stream on the radio, which modified temperature sensors and cameras use as their energy source. The Power Wi-Fi managed only enough juice to snap one surveillance picture after 35 minutes.

Virtual Life In Real World

The virtual reality is still a long way from mainstream, but 2015 was a big year for the virtual reality industry. Many new handsets were introduced, some with full-featured and powerful and some simple and portable. Companies like HTC, Microsoft, Samsung and Google have introduced their virtual reality devices this year. Read to know more about the "Virtual Reality Breakthroughs Of 2015"


Chaotic Moon Studios is developing temporary "tech tattoos" that turn your body art into a health tracker. Using a skin-mounted components and conductive paint, the tattoos can collect, store, send, and receive health and fitness data.


Stanford University researchers came up with a battery to replace the rechargeable lithium-ion batteries that power every type of tech we use today. The major upsides of this new battery tech are many: it's flexible, cheap, safe, fast, and maybe best of all, it can handle about 7,500 charges.

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