5 Reasons It's Time to Dump Your Desktop PC (And Switch to Mobile Device)

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Do you remember the time when a desktop would cost you about as much as a premium range smartphone costs you now! A decade back, owning a desktop was a big deal, however with time things changed as gadgets advanced for our good. We now live in a world where computing devices are mobile and portable, then why rely on your desktop!

5 Reasons It's Time to Dump Your Desktop (And Switch to Mobile Device)

Be it your smartphone, or tablet, or laptop, the mobile devices have become more powerful and give you the freedom to take care of your digital activities while you are on-the-go. In front of these new age devices, desktop seems outdated and boring, unless you have some specific requirements.

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If you still are not convinced, here we give you 5 reasons why you can dump your desktop for a laptop, a tablet, or even your smartphone.

Higher-end spec:

If you think your desktop is more powerful than your mobile devices, think again! Mobile devices such as laptops, tablets and smartphones are equipped with high end specifications. In fact, many new age smartphones are more powerful than laptops, let alone desktops. You get better display, higher processing power, and better battery life on mobile devices, then why not switch to a more convinient and powerful option!

5 Reasons It's Time to Dump Your Desktop (And Switch to Mobile Device)


Smartphones, tablets and a wide range of laptops come with touch screen, and are more intuitive. Touch panel makes things easier for you, and saves you from carrying around an input device like a mouse or a keyboard. And even if you feel the need of using a keyboard with your smartphone or tablet, you can opt for a Bluetooth-enabled device. We don't say that there are not touch-enabled screens available for desktops, but these are not very popular and are few in options.

5 Reasons It's Time to Dump Your Desktop (And Switch to Mobile Device)

Camera features:

Is not your smartphone or tablet or even laptop pretty handy for taking pictures or making video calls! Rare would be a chance that a new-age mobile device lacks a camera. Don't you think taking pictures on desktops or making videos calls would have you spend extra on buying an additional web-camera!

5 Reasons It's Time to Dump Your Desktop (And Switch to Mobile Device)


One of the most important point is that mobile devices are portable, and hence can easily be taken to another place. Moreover, mobile devices allow you to operate them while you are on the go. How would you take your desktop to your college or your office or even to another room with ease!


When it comes to price, be it laptop companies or tablet and smartphone makers, most players are very aggressive about the pricing part. You can now get feature ric, specs-heavy mobile devices for very low price, whereas, owning a desktop can be a comparitively expensive affair.

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