5 Smart Gadgets You Should Definitely Start Using in 2016!

    Now there are some gadgets & technologies that are cool and some that are even futuristic but there some that are necessary. Today it's not just about being smart but also about being quick and these techs' help you be both; Smart & Quick.

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    So everything from boosting your internet & charging your mobile phones faster these techs' do it all. And all good things need not be expensive, just like these gadgets & technologies. Here are some of the gadgets & technologies that you should definitely start using.


    Wish farewell to the slow internet and limited Wi-Fi coverage as Connectify Speedify from http:www.speedify.com has arrived. The software gives you a step by step instruction on how to combine your Wi-Fi, DSL and 3G4G connections. The free account has a limit of 1GB data transfer per month while paid plans start at $9 per month.

    Whereas for Wi-Fi coverage issues you can install a wireless extender like TPlink, D-link and Netgear



    How cool it would be if you could control your music system while you are out in the balcony, pretty cool we guess & convenient too. So that is why we recommend you buy a Bluetooth audio adapter that can connect to your existing music stereo through an Aux wire. Logitech Bluetooth Audio adapter has a 3.5mm as well as RCA port and it has a range of up to 15 meters.



    You must have heard that one should switch to LED Bulbs instead of normal CFL or other conventional bulbs, as LED Bulbs provide more power savings and have a better lifespan. But did anyone told you about Smart LED Bulbs? They didn't right! The smart LED bulb like lota by Cube 26 can be wirelessly controlled by your phone through Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. You can also change colours according to your mood and control multiple bulbs at a time. You can even set it to blink every time you get an SMS or Calls.



    You can steal a man's heart & he'll be fine but if you steal a man's mobile then he'll be if not breathless then definitely restless. So in order to save you from restlessness and safeguard your mobile phones and laptops, we present to you the Prey. It's a free tool for tracking your lost or stolen device and is available at http:www.preyproject.com. The free version lets you track up to three devices (phone/laptop/tablet) and can be installed on Windows, OS X, Linux, iOS and Android. Prey can track/locate remote lock as well as remotely wipe your device.



    Smartphones have become smarter but charging them is still done in the same old boring and tiresome way. And what if you have to charge multiple devices all at once? Well, the solution to all these problems is the Portronics UFO charger that comes with 6-powered USB ports so that you can simultaneously charge multiple devices.

    You can also use Niilkin's Magic Disk III that comes with a built-in wireless charging feature and it works for both, Android & iPhone. But only if your phone has a wireless charging feature already.

    So these were some of the cool as well as very useful gadgets & technologies that we can use in our day to day life. If you have any further suggestions or additions to the list then please feel free to write them down in the comments section below.



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