Here are 10 Strange Yet Amazing Gadgets that Run from Solar Energy!

    As our country gets ready to usher in a new era of technological developments to power houses across the nation with solar energy. gadgets created to harness the power of the sun is nothing new. But the alternate source of power production is being used by nations worldwide.

    Every now and then we find many gadgets that are for gadget freaks who love technology no matter how weird they look. But in spite of all that, it still serves a purpose. We take a look at gadgets which take the power of the sun, and could help us a lot.


    Let's start with the weird one, which this Logitech product is. The Logitech Keyboard K750 does run wirelessly via a USB controller. But it gets charged by light. Taking it out in the sun just to charge it every time looks weird. Especially if someone decides that you've just left it there as scrap. Better keep your eyes open!


    The Sole Mio Solar powered mouse looks like a gamer mice with lights that make it so stylish. Using this with the Logitech keyboard would be definitely fun.


    This product is definitely useful in our country where rural areas are yet to see the benefits of technology. Kids in the rural schools could move from using slates and white chalks to having a taste of technology. The product has made an improvement in the results of students in many rural areas.


    Meet the Soulra XL, a mobile solar powered music entertainment system for your iPod or iPhone. This compact music player could be the best gadget for all those buddies who want a mobile party where ever they travel.


    These are definitely glasses powered by solar panels. But what do they actually do? Well, they hold a certain amount of energy that can charge your phone or mp3 players. It does look trendy, and can definitely be useful for those last minute battery problems.


    Who ever thought that they would see a walking home. It walks at a slow pace, luckily, but this is definitely a cool way to live. The home was specifically designed to withstand floods and to enable people to live in areas that are more prone to such calamities.


    This cinema is for a small family who need to enjoy a few minutes of quality time together. The quirky idea of having a mobile theatre experience would be great.


    Yes, this picture and the model definitely will get a more than just second glances. But you would also notice that she's wearing a solar powered bikini. You can connect it to your iPod or smartphone to charge it and enjoy your music. Or in this case enjoy everyone looking at you.


    Backpacks too now have solar panels retrofitted to store energy to later charge your devices while you're mobile.


    ZTE has been trying out the concept of solar phones for quite some time. Needing to charge your phone while you're on the move and also not needing your charging cables helps in this case.

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