Clean Your Filthy Gadgets With These 7 Essentials Available Under Rs 800!

By: Bhagyesh

    We all know how much you care about your precious gadgets, your Xbox 360, your skullcandy headphones, your Canon 70D or your GoPro and the AMD powered gaming PC with upto 10 TB hard disc space! Well in order to keep these gems in prime conditions you will need to take care of them and that might prove costly. So here's the deal, 7 things under Rs 800 to keep your gadgets clean.

    Keep your gadgets clean: Tip #1

    a) Screen Wipes

    Well in today's time we are pretty much surrounded by screens everywhere, televisions, mobile phones, laptops or PCs. Now these screens attract dust and smudge which may affect the viewing experience. The dust can also act as an abrasive if you do not clean properly. So we recommend you buy a box of good quality screen wipes for approx Rs.500 (approx 200 wipes per box). These screen wipes have a special solution that dries out quickly without leaving any residue.

    b) Screen cleaning cloth & solution

    The normal cloth can create tiny scratches on the screen surface, so it is advised to use a microfiber cloth to clean the screens instead. You can get a microfiber cloth and a cleaning solution for around Rs.150 - Rs200. It works on all screen types, just follow the instructions and you will be fine.

    Keep your gadgets clean: Tip #2

    Air blowers come in handy when it comes to cleaning of those CPU cabinets, keyboards & etc. As a lot of dust tends to accumulate in these areas and your conventional cleaning techniques don't work quite well in this chase. So we suggest you get an Air blower that you can find for somewhere around Rs.300-800. Remember when cleaning the Motherboard make sure you maintain a safe distance and always use it in a one direction flow pattern.

    Keep your gadgets clean: Tip #3

    Now this thing may look like the ‘Flubber' from the famous Hollywood movie but it works like Genie when it comes to cleaning. It is made from a non-toxic and biodegradable compound which is based on a Swiss formula. You can get it for Rs. 300 but will have to discard it once it's full of dust, hence won't be very effective.

    Keep your gadgets clean: Tip #4

    As the name suggests it works best with DSLRs and other digital cameras. You can get one for around Rs. 150 - 250. It helps in cleaning the image sensor and mirrors.

    Keep your gadgets clean: Tip #5

    It has a retractable soft brush on one side and a carbon cleaning compound on the other side. You can use it to clean DSLR lens, compact cameras and even Smartphone lens. It costs around Rs. 300 and is pretty handy to carry around.

    Keep your gadgets clean: Tip #6

    In case of outdoor requirement where electricity is hard to find and the camera blower won't just do. We have Compressed Air cans with a long nozzle and clean out the dust debris. You can buy this can for about Rs.300.

    Keep your gadgets clean: Tip #7

    Well we all are masters of Jugaad aren't we? After all we are Indians.
    So here's a small list:

    • Anything from a toothbrush & cotton swab works well for cleaning earphones.
    • An interdental brush is perfect for cleaning headphone jack.
    • An old makeup brush or tape works fine for cleaning keyboards.
    • A small paint brush can clean a phone or tablets built-in speakers. 

    Hope you found this article helpful and are now more able to keep your beloved gadgets in pristine condition.


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