7 Weird Gadgets which you never knew existed!

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Consumer electronics category is now longer restricted to gadgets like Curved TVs, Fridge, Washing Machines, Coolers etc., rather a number of manufacturers are coming out with some out of the box weird gadgets that you never ever though could exist in the first place.

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So we at GizBot decided to list down 7 such weird gadgets that would simply amaze you and make you think - "Wow! This is damn innovative."

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Samsung Smart Belt

Korean electronics maker Samsung has gone nuts and have recently unveiled a weird product dubbed the Samsung Smart Belt. Health tech market started booming since the last two to three years but never ever has such a strange piece of gadget been showcased. Unlike fitness tracker which dons your writs, this tracker from Samsung aims to be present on your waist-line. Guess what, it really looks like just another belt at the first glance, but wait it can do some many things you never imagined. From monitoring your daily steps, calorie burn to the increasing bump in your belly, this smart belt can do them all.


Somabar was unveiled earlier this year at the CES 2016. This is an automatic bar tending machine that can be controlled directly from an app on your smartphone. You can simply laze around as your order the machine to prepare a certain cocktail by the press of a button. But do make sure to fill in all the right ingredients in the first place!


Pavlok Fitness Tracker

Pavlok is not just another fitness tracker that helps you to counts step, burnt calories etc. Rather it helps you to be become a healthy person, and guess how? It makes use of electric shock. Yes, you read it right! This fitness trackers helps you wake up in the morning by giving you a mild electric shock if you snooze your alarm for the third time. Apart from that it motivates you to exercise by giving your electric shocks if it finds out you are not meeting up your daily exercise plans.

Muse Brain Sensor

This is yet another weird device that helps record your brain signals and find out whether or not you are in peace while you meditate. Muse Brain Sensor makes use of multiple sensors that are attached all around the head band and is very useful for persons suffering from chronic anxiety or depression.

Starship Delivery Robot

Co-founders of Skype are back at the drawing boards again, and this time there are developing a hardware product. The company in question is Starship Technologies, headquartered in London and their flagship product is dubbed the Starship Delivery Bot. This automatic robot aims to take on the logistics industry head-on as they it will help reduce costing by a large margin. However, it is not yet suitable for roads with high traffic congestions. Instead this Delivery Bot is aiming to capture the sub-urban market.


With the inception of 3D printing technologies, many an industries are adopting it for the sake of reducing the production cost. This has triggered the growth of companies who are in the business of manufacturing 3D printing machines. Now even a food industry is all set to accept the new 3D printing technology and Natural Foods is expected to be one of the pioneer brands. The 3D printing manufacturer company has come up with a machine that help print home-made foods like pizza, burgers, crackers etc.

Ripple Maker

Ripple Maker is a brand new kitchen gadget which allows you to make various designs on the top of your coffee just by using your smartphone. Did you ever wonder how the guys at CCD make such wonderful art even on something like coffee? Well, you needn't think anymore as this personal coffee ripple maker can make hundreds of personalized design and can controlled by the tap on your phone.

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