Apart from Falcon Heavy, here are some of Elon Musk's known inventions

Elon Reeve Musk is a man who is changing the face of technology, innovation, and creativity in the world today.

    Elon Musk can be compared to the fictional character that we have heard so much about in comics as well as in movies. Well you might have a guess but if you are wondering who then it is probably Tony Stark aka Iron man. While one is real and the other is fictional what we can see in both these people is they both are billionaires with a genius-level intellect.

    Apart from Falcon Heavy, here are some of Elon Musk's known inventions

    Further with a scientific mind which both of them depict in the fictional world as well as in real life they have both revolutionized the fields of transport, engineering, and even space exploration.

    That being said, while it is good to dwell in the fictional world but the more important concern is what happens in real life. And talking about Elon Musk, well he has basically changed the way people access and use technology in their lives. He along with his company have come up with pretty interesting inventions, from self driving vehicles, to solar cities and further he is even revolutionizing transportation in space.

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    Meanwhile just to give you a brief idea, his Wikipedia page exhibits a long list of his achievements and currently he is the founder CEO and CTO of SpaceX: a co-founder, CEO, and product architect of Tesla Inc.; co-chairman of OpenAI; and founder and CEO of Neuralink. Musk's estimated net worth is $20.8 billion.

    So today we will be looking at some of the interesting innovations from Elon Musk that are changing the world we live in. It is worth mentioning that with all of his inventions he is always trying to ease the life of users and bring about a change that will not only relax the way things work but will also have several other benefits.


    You must be hearing a lot of news about Falcon Heavy which is a reusable super heavy-lift launch vehicle that was just launched in space carrying a Tesla vehicle. Well, the rocket is manufactured by SpaceX. And SpaceX is founded Elon Musk.

    He founded the agen in 2001 with the goal of reducing space transportation costs and enabling the colonization of Mars. SpaceX has since developed the Falcon launch vehicle family and the Dragon spacecraft family, which both currently deliver payloads into Earth orbit.


    If you are into technology and automotive then you will definitely have come across the word Tesla. Well Tesla is popular company and a brand in the world and it's impossible not to think of Musk when talking Tesla. Well the Tesla vehicles are conspicuously, one of Musk's most well-known innovations. Tesla offers fully-electric vehicles to consumers.


    You might be a little surprised but the online payment platform PayPal is a brainchild of Musk. Founded in the year 1999, Musk koriginally started a platform called X.com, which focused on financial services and email payments. Later the firm was merged with Confinity and then came the best-selling product PayPal.


    We have been hearing about Hyperloop a lot as well in these recent years. In fact there has been discussions going on to bring the transportation technology to India as well. Talking about Hyperloop it a techonolgy designed to facilitate high-speed travel in pods inside a partial-vacuum tube.

    And yet again this is the brainchild of Elon Musk who basically open sourced the basic design in 2013 in the form of a white paper. However while developments are taking place, the transportation system aims to reduce the travel time from hours to minutes. Repots have said that it will be 4 times faster than a commercial flight.

    Online Calling

    Well we are pretty familer with making calls over the internet using either Skype or other services. However, Musk before Skype became popular already had plans to have computers call landline phones.

    He had even filed a patent for it in 2002. As per the documents, he basically wanted to use the information given on the Web to simplify the process of calling where users would see the number on the screen, hit the Call button and then calls would be directed to the company via a call centre.


    Location based Ads

    If you have been using Google's sevices, you should be familier about how it targets and sends suggestions to people based on their locations. But back in 1998, it was Musk who thought of such an idea.

    He wanted to make a system that would cater to geographic locations of people and then automatically bring in results for the closest places nearby. If Musk would have worked on it then probably Google would be paying him for the tech. But in any case, this feature has made our lives easier.

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    Electric Supersonic Jets

    Electric Supersonic Jets

    This one invention might be still in Musk's thought catalogue, but he is considering the possibility of electric supersonic jets that could yet again change the transportation game and the airline industry forever.

    While we have seen such things in most of the Si-Fi movies, as per details rebvealed Musk's electric supersonic jets will basically have "vertical take-off and landing".

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