7 useful gadgets that we probably won't buy anymore

You won't buy these gadgets in future.

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Technology is developing at a rapid pace and consumers are forced to keep up with this development. Apparently, an high-end phone you got last year would look old right now due to the lack of recent features in it.

7 useful gadgets that we probably won't buy anymore

It is good that the companies are continually innovating and developing advanced gadgets now and then. But this is not a boon for the companies that have gadgets those we won't buy anymore. Well, there are a lot of such gadgets that no one uses anymore or wants to buy.

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Today, we at GizBot have compiled a list of gadgets across different categories that we hardly want to buy anymore. We can say that these gadgets are on the verge of becoming obsolete or have already become extinct. Take a look at this list to know the obsolete gadgets. Do note that we don't want to buy these gadgets as the modern day smartphones are capable of doing their functionality.

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Feature Phones

The 4G LTE networks do exist since the past few years, but the trend of using 4G compatible smartphones emerged recently as the 4G plans are getting cheaper and the affordable price tag of 4G smartphones. With these phones, it is possible to enjoy live video streaming, faster upload speeds, and internet browsing. As these are impossible on feature phones, people hardly use such basic phones anymore.

MP3 players

Smartphones accompany us everywhere we go. In that case, why should we have a standalone MP3 player? Carrying one such device made sense a few years back, but not any more. It is possible to store thousands of songs in these devices, but smartphones come with ample store facilitating the same. Due to the popularity of smartphones, the MP3 players have come unnecessary for many except for a few who use them while they workout or jog.

GPS Units

GPS unit is also largely replaced by smartphone. The location tracking and navigational apps used on smartphones are many and these give all the necessary information such as directors, traffic information, etc. Those who are in need of GPS services when they are on the read can invest in a car charger and use the service on their smartphone without buying a separate device for the purpose.

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USB flash drives

USB flash drives have not become obsolete as of now, but they are on the verge of becoming obsolete. These were great accessories for students a few years back, but the evolution of cloud storage has made this small gadget almost obsolete. It is much easier and simpler to log on to any of the cloud storage services such as Google Drive, Dropbox, etc. from any device and share the files with others.

Digital point-and-shoot cameras

Cameras still exist and these are most powerful tools that photographers possess these days. But, the digital point-and-shoot camera that was popular a few years back is not used by most people these days. The reason is that the smartphone feature beefed up camera aspects that can capture high-quality photos as well as 4K videos. Eventually, smartphones have replaced the point-and-shoot cameras.

DVD and Blu-ray players

Many people still use DVD and Blu-ray players at their homes. But this does not mean that these devices will be in trend in the years to come. We say this as no one might want to upgrade a DVD or Blu-ray player. With the increase in the use of smart TV, you can use apps such as Netflix and YouTube to watch high-resolution videos provided you have a fast internet connection.

Landline phones

The landline phones are definitely a thing of the past. Many people don't have a landline in their home anymore as almost everyone has mobile phones. The rise in mobile network reliability and robustness as replaced the use of landline in most cases. However, we cannot say that landlines are completely out of use as we can still see these devices being used by many people, but not in homes.

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