Few Failures by Apple which they want us to forget

5 Embarassing Failures That Apple Want Us to Forget

    Even though the Cupertino-based Apple has been viewed as the company of perfection, they also have some failures which are not pretty much popular. If the iPhone, iPods, and iPads are a great success, there is an equal amount of failure products too.

    Few Failures by Apple which they want us to forget

    Nothing comes easy, even Apple has some road to failures. Now let's have a look at 5 embarrassing failure, that Apple wants us to forget.

    Apple Lisa

    This was developed from 1983-1986 and was reportedly named after his daughter 'Lisa', who was born on the same year when the the project started. The acronym of LISA stands for "Local Integrated Software Architecture". However, Lisa did not go the way the company had hoped as the price of this was too high at that time which is around $10,000.

    Apple III

    This was the first failure as they attempted to enter the business market. This failed humongously as the production too much tims, design flaws, operating system's backward incompatibility with DOS 3.2 and 3.3. The failure of the Apple III made the company to go through serious financial problems.

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    In an attempt to enter the mobile market, Apple made collaborations with Motorola and launched a phone ROKR. During the presentation, the didn't switch from taking a call to playing music, as advertised. Moreover, the phone doesn't have mobile data to download songs without iTunes because, it had 1GB of usable memory.

    Apple Macintosh Portable

    This was launched on September of 1989 and contrary to its name, this device weighed around more than 16 pounds. In additon, it costed around $6,500 which was pretty much hight for a computer at that time. Another reasons for the problem was the original power supply had a very low output.

    Apple Bandai Pippin

    Apple developed its own gaming console -- Bandai Pippin in 1995 to counter Nintendo, Sega, and Microsoft. The Pippin was priced at 600 dollars, which was ignored by everyone. The final figures show that the Pippin sold only 40,000 units and was quickly discontinued.

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